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Nothing will ever be the same again. Starting with Football

Is football an example of life? Many fans have always thought yes to the point of identifying cheering for their team with their own personal destiny. Incarnation of a belonging, vanished in other human activities and dissolved in the unsolvedness of lives condemned to the simple chase to consumption, a place of great exchange to justify the void of existences without another goal. Football, therefore, has represented (and represents) a symbol of how we think about ourselves, of how we want to show ourselves to the other by ourselves, embodying, ...

God save the queen

Weddings and funerals of British royalty are always a top class spectacle.I am usually distracted by ...

Merkel and CDU: the fall of the Gods

The fall of the gods approaches. We cannot avoid citing Richard Wagner in the face of the crisis which, ...

Gianfranco Salomone: make-up is not enough

Claudio Velardi, in the interview with Gianpaolo Sodano for Moondo, stimulates more than a reflection on the future that awaits the PD and, more ...

Mario Pacelli: how a Leninist party ended

The interview with Claudio Velardi, published on Moondo on Friday 16 March, contains many points of interest for those who have suffered ...


The Grillo case bursts into Parliament

The Grillo case bursts into Parliament. Beppe's wife also defends her son Ciro via social media: "A video testifies to the innocence of the boys." Conte takes no position. On the front page • The Superalloy has fallen apart. Shortly before two o'clock tonight the twelve rebel clubs have published a note in which they say: "The project is to be reconsidered." Pressure from Boris Johnson, who threatened havoc if British companies joined it, was decisive. • For the EMA, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe, although there are possible links to rare cases of thrombosis. In Italy it will be administered only to ...

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I LOVE TRASH by Guido Manuli

From the world

Minneapolis: the trial of Floyd goes to the jury, the central point is the video

BROWSE THE NEW YORK TIMES OF 20/04/2021 (TITLE + COMMENT) FRONT PAGE While the trial passes to the jury, the central point is the video. Anxiety in Minneapolis. A part...

7 July

Yesterday I unexpectedly tried to book a Spanish restaurant. Having savored the freedom in Madrid, why not repeat myself in London now that everything reopens? At the end...

Alexei Navalny, Putin's opponent is dying

Press review of the week from 11 to 18 April Alexei Navalny, the 44-year-old known for being the main political opponent of President Vladimir Putin is locked up ...


A beauty solution (from Il Gattopardo by Giuseppe Tommasi di Lampedusa)

Don Fabrizio Corbera di Salina is the fascinating protagonist of "Il Gattopardo", one of the most current and engaging works of the twentieth century. He is a gifted man ...

Gigi Covatta, a Christian for socialism

I had known Luigi Covatta for many years, who died in Rome on 18 April: he was a gentleman, a socialist, a Christian (the position of the adjectives ...

Uefa wants to punish rebel clubs

Uefa wants to immediately exclude clubs that have joined the Super League from the Champions League. President Ceferin speaks of "a horrible proposal dictated ...

Network Week

The value of Hollywood studios has risen by billions thanks to politics

By Dom Serafini The US entertainment industry, like many other industries has gone from being valued in the millions of dollars to being valued in the billions over ...

Naples. Another piece to save

by Ugo Leone Two of the most famous streets of the historic center of Naples, indeed of its oldest part which is identified precisely as ...

The truth cannot be erased

Tangentopoli is about to turn 30. It was said that it was a velvet revolution, the magistrates who investigated were celebrated as heroes, Italy turned ...

Long form

The Democratic Party? It must be refounded. Indeed, it must be redone. All over again

«And if you only have flies in your hand, try to give us some you too» Enzo Jannacci, The important thing is to overdo it. I could start writing by introducing myself. Saying I'm ...

A virus cannot kill the soul

Its name is CORONAVIRUS (CoV19) and it belongs to “a large family of respiratory viruses that can cause mild to moderate illness, from the common ...

The Baffi and Sarcinelli case

March 24, 1979: the investigating judge at the Court of Rome Antonio Alebrandi issues an arrest warrant against Marco Sarcinelli, Deputy ...

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Government changed ... virus changed ...

February 2021 brought great news: a new government, an almost Bulgarian political majority, that is, almost unreal, a new wave of landings in Sicily, but it also brought mutations of the virus in the world and in our country that question, if ever. it was further (Go on ...)

I Panzerotti: nothing better to inaugurate an upcoming (hopefully) opening

I tried to see on the PC how many recipes of panzerotti, transliterated into panzarotti, appear on the cooking sites. Many, some closer to those made in Apulian homes, others modified and perhaps with excellent results ... but the recipe that I propose is the one that mine (Go on ...)

Story of a candy and a tuna

Terranova family candy masters. Sicilian excellence since 1890

Our candy production activity began in 1890, when our ancestor Antonio Terranova had the intuition of imprisoning a simple and poor ingredient in the sugar crystals, whose beneficial effects had not yet been discovered: the (Go on ...)

New York

Spring in New York

Spring has finally arrived in New York: Central Park enchants with its soft and delicate pastel colors, and forsythia and cherry trees bloom in the meadows, welcoming a crowd that can enjoy the warmth ...
blackout of advertising

The blackout of advertising

by Raffaele Aragona In recent days the activity of the employees of the Municipality of Naples was highlighted, who covered with white posters what appeared in the advertising tables of Santa Lucia; they, however, have ...
Gas cylinders: clean energy for your home and your business

The current environmental situation has aroused renewed interest in the environment and the will to preserve it.

Having an eye for ecology, while maintaining the comfort that comes from (Go on ...)

Garden cities and arborists towards sustainability

April 1, 2021. There are 3194 days to go until the 2030 deadline, the intensive action of this decade for the struggle of the climatic, social, and economic sustainability of humanity ends, with prejudice to the environmental (Go on ...)

We don't stop our mom projects

We all know the moment is not the happiest, no handshakes, scarce work, social distancing, fear of an unknown epidemic and a look to the future always a little worried.

It is inevitable that over the years, the skin of the face loses elasticity and begins to show the first signs of aging. However, it is possible to keep a fresh and radiant skin at any age, just take it (Go on ...)

Roma Fringe Festival 2021 program, online from 18 to 24 April

We, puppets

Campania Dance
Coming from Salerno

with Marco De Simone
author, director Marco De Simone
scenography Marida Nicephorus
music orig. Marco De Simone

Although, by choice of the writer, the column you are reading almost always adopts an ironic and light perspective, we are far from ignoring that even the world of athletics, and more generally of sport, is crossed in (Go on ...)

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