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Sunday 24 January 2021

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The failed coup in the US

It was previously unthinkable that in the US, the heart and symbol of democracy, there could be an attack on the state: a coup (in Spanish), a coup d'etat (in French), a putsch (in German). Event associated with Latin American, African or Asian countries. Yet it happened. The incitement to occupy the Capitol came from outgoing President Donald Trump, with some of his followers even proposing to hang Vice President Mike Pence and execute the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. On January 6, 2021, a simple ceremony was to take place at the Capitol in Washington DC to ...

American Democracy: Healthy or Lame?

Dear friends of Moondo, I often hear talk of difficulties in the American democratic system, of cracks in American democracy. I...

Psychology (criminal)

We all tend to take ourselves too seriously and overestimate ourselves but the Prime Minister and Matteo Renzi ...

'A fessa mmano a' and ccriature

Moondo was created to give readers a space for insights into the problems of our time. But in front ...

Dear Bettino, today I'm angry, even with you

Dear Bettino, a year ago I was in Hammamet to remember, to rediscover my roots, to give the right tribute ...


Economy, income, virus… everyone wants to live in the city

How will the cities, particularly affected by the virus, change? "The most worrying problem is that nobody knows." For 55% of the terrestrials live in cities, with the record of Japan, whose urban population reaches 91,6% (therefore , in the countryside, there is practically no one left). Apart from the unknown factor of pandemics, the urban population tends to grow: 60% by 2030, with 1.416 cities inhabited by more than half a million inhabitants (for a total of 2,9 billion men and women against 2,2 of now). "Since the inhabitants of the Earth will increase in the meantime from the current 7,8 billion to 8,5 ...

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I LOVE TRASH by Guido Manuli

From the world

The president makes two quick decisions to help the poor

BROWSING THE NEW YORK TIMES ON 23/01/2021 The president makes two quick decisions to help the poor. "An economic imperative". Urges MPs to pass ...

Happy Great Britain Year

The most awaited year in the history of modern man, awaited as a pagan messiah carrying vaccines is finally among us! What if for the rest of the world ...

The number one enemy of the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, is arrested as soon as he lands in Moscow

Press review from 11 to 17 January The dissident Alexei Navalny, enemy number one of the Kremlin, opponent of President Vladimir Putin, poisoned with the Novichok party ...


Interview with Dario Vero

For the creation of the soundtrack of The Inglorious Serfs, you coordinated 88 different musicians, from different musical cultures and scattered all over the ...

Joe Biden's inauguration as the 46th US president is an event of historic significance

By Dom Serafini With 12 presidential elections behind me, I can say that the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the USA was an event ...

Public Domain Interview

The City for the Under 25s. A project that involves young people from all over Italy. Is it a bet or a winning need? Yes...

Network Week

Exclusive interview with Gabriele Ciampi

by Veronica Ruggiero A thrill that runs under the skin the new musical concept entitled “Opera” by the composer Gabriele Ciampi. The album produced and mixed at The ...

If it wastes and if it favors *

by Ugo Leone Naples, like many other big (or just big?) cities, has a double problem. Both with distant and deep roots: the growing lack ...

The mysterious economic aid for Italians abroad

By Dom Serafini Last March the Italian government approved economic aid to Italians abroad registered with AIRE for four million euros, subsequently brought ...

Long form

Women: acting only to maintain what has been "granted" to us is not a winning attitude

But those dead leaves that the wind, like rock, sweeps, not of death speak to the flowers in bowl, but whisper: - Come on! (Dead leaves. Giovanni pastures) They fall instead, ...

What philosophy to choose for the future of Europe

Read the article in english Data is the sea in which we sail. And the data has always been there, because it's that element without ...

Leonardo's XNUMXth anniversary, always a strong point of the "Italian brand"

For a long time Leonardo Da Vinci has been often referred to as the representative of the human race most worthy of our modern and universal consideration, despite the very difficult equation ...

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Countercurrent: we don't just die of COVID!

COVID has exploded with greater intensity than expected and risks overwhelming the country-system. The Regional Health Services are preparing for the worst that is probably yet to come: reserved wards, intensive care, even dedicated hospitals, nursing homes fully or partially occupied, (Go on ...)

Italian welfare in Covid was

Required premise

If, in the course of a conversation, a congress report, an academic dispute, or other formal occasion, the delicate subject of health systems in force in Europe today is mentioned - which, in our day, (Go on ...)

Not only art, but also fine wines and collectible whiskeys. Mind-boggling auctions and alternative refusal goods that resist the crisis

di Raffaele Coppolino

Gianni Agnelli loved to say: "I prefer to invest in wine. The wine, if the investment really goes wrong, I can drink it. I can't do anything with actions". 
On 12 September 2020 someone followed the advice of the lawyer, so much so that a (Go on ...)

The Neapolitan ragù

This weekend we have chosen to pay homage to the region that has “adopted” Giuly: Campania. For this we will prepare together one of the cult dishes of Italian cuisine in the world: the Neapolitan ragù!

Neapolitan ragout ingredients for 2 people

(Go on ...)
Veronica Ruggiero

A new window on the “Moondo”: Moondo Viterbo

Dear readers, dear readers, In these years spent writing about local news I have always had the impression of neglecting an important part of my work. So I wondered about the opportunity to offer the reader content ...
Sacro Bosco - Park of the Monsters - Bomarzo

Why Moondo becomes Local

Yet another website or online newspaper to tell readers the latest news story? Is it really necessary to talk about Viterbo and its province? The question arises spontaneously, said a well-known TV personality of ...
2021 water bonus: 1000 euros to replace sanitary ware and taps

You've already heard of the water bonus? This is a contribution of 1.000 euros to be used by 31 December 2021 to replace sanitary ware and taps with new instruments to limit the flow of water. The bonus, (Go on ...)

The nice spot that supports Italian tourism, the biggest resource we have

Where to go on vacation this summer? It is a question that we ask ourselves every year, ready to give vent to our imagination, to satisfy our curiosities, to fulfill our dreams in the drawer, or maybe impatient (Go on ...)

Ideas for crafts with sea shells

Collect shells on the beach during ours holiday at the seaside it is a classic pastime for us adults and a very fun game for our children. (Go on ...)

Multi-hole earrings, the new, unmissable, trend

Multi-hole earrings - the new trend that has conquered the world of fashion

The lobe adorned with the "single earring" has now given way to extravagant and intriguing combinations of earrings for (Go on ...)

Webinar: the best courses to train and find work

For months now, all of us have been spending most of our time at home, dedicating ourselves to the most varied activities. The screens of our PCs have become an increasingly versatile tool that - in addition to transmitting the (Go on ...)

KardiaMobile 6L, pocket security

I have to make amends, sports friends. Because in our weekly appointment on Monday I have talked too rarely about health and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Instead, it is a very important aspect for those who play sports, especially endurance: (Go on ...)

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