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Wednesday 3 June 2020

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A walkway for the mayor of Naples

Via Partenope, the stretch of the Naples waterfront that goes from the Villa Comunale to the Castel dell'Ovo, finds no peace. Who knows who owes the continuous discoveries that the (?) Municipal administration of Naples continually reserves to the unsuspecting citizen: to the mayor or to some of his collaborators? How it is possible to surprise so continuously is a mystery! There is no day that we will not find ourselves with ideas-novelties of which nobody felt the need, in the face of negligence towards others much more ...

Fernando Balestra and the irresistible temptation to chase Prometheus

The legacy of a Socratic intellectual and against the tide Four years after ...

Viral hibernation

Rome, phase two: nostalgia for the lockdown! How beautiful the city was in those days. Rome relived, mutatis mutandis ...

Always Pentecost

I like how in Holy Scripture we speak of the Holy Spirit: at the moment of creation hovers over ...

A damn useful season

If there is something true in the ancient proverb according to which not all evils come to harm, one ...


Covid: good news and some doubts

In the last week, 3.139 positive cases (less than 500 days) were officially registered, equal to 1,3% of the 234.989 new tests carried out. Both the downward trend in the absolute number and in the positivity rate seem to indicate that the two loosening of the lockdown adopted on 4 and 18 May did not produce an upsurge in the epidemic. Indication confirmed by the fact that from 24 to 31 May the number of hospitalized patients has further decreased from 9.166 to 6.822. On the other hand, very high regional differences remain. On the one hand there are regions such as Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia, Umbria ...

As chaos spreads, Trump proclaims "Finish it now!"

Today, June 2, 2020, the first page is devoted almost totally, to the unrest and mass violence following the well-known assassination ...


Vincenzo Mascia harmonic order in apparent chaos

Vincenzo Mascia artist, architect and designer of Molise origins, throughout his career synthesizes and develops an intuition generated during the youth years: ...

London notebook, the new column by Carlo Arturo Garuzzo

After the column edited by Umberto Bonetti, with the selection of the best New York Times articles summarized and commented in Italian, ...

The latest news and curiosities from the world

"News and curiosities from the world" is a weekly column, a constant appointment that will allow you to stay informed and updated every Monday ...


Network Week

I can't breathe. Hilarry Sedu's protest

Yesterday on social media, a photo appeared that does not need captions, the lawyer of Nigerian origins, always Italian and ...

Reconstruction after coronavirus like post war? Enrico Mattei

Even men like Enrico Mattei in Italy must have broken the mold. A tornado, a tzunami that turns like a sock ...

Paolo Borsellino, having been a State. A book by Ruggiero Cappuccio

"Today is July 19th. It's 1992, today. It's sixteen, fifty-eight minutes and two hundredths of a second. There was an explosion that ...

May wisdom pills

"I am a man with an evident disability in the midst of so many men with disabilities who cannot be seen" - Ezio Bosso

Long form

History before history: reflections in the time of the Coronavirus

A few mornings ago (it was Sunday or maybe it was May XNUMXst, I don't remember well), I was walking with the dog at dawn, as I now do regularly ...

Television and public service in the time of digital civilization

It was the dawn of the fascist regime. On March 8, 1923 the Mussolini government with Royal Decree No. 1067 establishes that the communication exercise for ...

Der Spiegel and the Karlsruhe Supreme Court in the German clash between industry and finance

In Germany the Bild-Zeitung speaks to the "belly" of the country, indulging and feeding stereotypes about other peoples and the Schadenfreude (see La ...

Silvia Romano between kidnapping, redemption and sense of the state

It happened like this, that time passed and that the clock hands no longer marked the time but the delay. You could try to ...

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Artisan food

Why do we want to talk about artisan food? Because we are convinced of the need for its protection before it is completely submerged in the rising tide of industrial food. In this statement there is no denial of the essentiality in today's society of industrial activity: industry has constituted the powerful in the last three centuries (Go on ...)

The Rissoles

The attention, the cleanliness and the meticulousness in the clarifications of Maistre Chiquard's recipe actually makes one think of a three-star chef. Therefore I thought, in interpreting the Rissoles recipe, to select high quality ingredients. Obviously, in case of difficulty in finding all the ingredients, you can (Go on ...)

Maître Chiquart Rissoles: a border dish

by Fabrizio Mangoni

In their literary text, recipes tell us many things. In this case, everything speaks to us of borders. The borderline is the era in which it was written, 1420, at the end of the Middle Ages. The border is the land (Go on ...)

How to create a relaxation area at home, room by room (photogallery)

Being able to carve out a relaxation area at home is probably a luxury reserved for those who have a substantial size, but this does not mean that those who have a small house must not give up! A zone (Go on ...)

Journey to the Count Dracula's Castle

There are characters who more than others animate our imagination. Count Dracula is perhaps one of the most mysterious and fascinating figures of the last decades and the most famous vampire ever. Let's take a trip to (Go on ...)

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: preventing it is easy

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, how to prevent it? Let's find out together.

Toxoplasmosis is an infection which, if contracted during pregnancy, can cause serious consequences for the development of the fetus. Responsible for this disease is the (Go on ...)

Whiplash injury, Whiplash injury: causes, symptoms and what to do

Il flick it is a traumatic event affecting the neck, caused by a sudden movement of the head. It usually improves after about 2-3 months. We know better about this annoying event and find out what can be (Go on ...)

When to use an anti-wrinkle cream? Tips for choosing the best cream

It would be every woman's dream not to see those unsightly signs of aging appear on her skin, especially on her face, despite the passing of years. We certainly cannot stop time and the natural cycle of (Go on ...)

The Tartar desert and suspended life

If the greatness of a novel is also measured in its ability to survive the years and raise universal questions, then The Tartar desert by Dino Buzzati published in 1940, it is to be considered a masterpiece. (Go on ...)

Beyond phase 2, the supermarket to come

In these quarantine days extraordinary changes are taking place for the future of companies and what is said is probably true: nothing will be as before. I think it's true in general but in particular in food distribution (Go on ...)

Cats in ethyl coma, dogs burned with bleach: veterinarians warn against disinfection of animals

The unprecedented period we are living in is pushing some people to do anything, especially with their pets.

Veterinarians of Haute-Savoie in France launch l (Go on ...)

Guide to create a valid and safe website

If you are thinking of creating a website and sharing your business ideas on the web then you need to clarify some fundamental points that will allow you to create a website in complete safety, (Go on ...)

Short interview with Eleonora Corradini

After the telephone chat of a few days ago with Eleonora Corradini, I swear that I will no longer say that I have run many kilometers. Here is the content of the interview with the nice and very strong Italian ultramarathon runner.

(Go on ...)
Pokemon Noir: GdR dark

Era just entered the gym when he heard the roar of a Charizard rise from the center of the arena.
A simple concrete disc with a multitude of people around with money in hand yelling at (Go on ...)

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