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Letter from Letter from Barcelona Barcelona: 155 years of the Italian home

Barcelona: 155 years of the Italian home

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The link between Barcelona and the Italians is long-standing and very strong. In 1865, that is, before the recognition of the Kingdom of Italy by the Spanish State, the first Italian immigrants began to arrive in the Catalan capital, followed by a group of enlightened industrialists, who gave life to the Society of Charity and Mutual Aid, in 1880 the group strengthened the Charity Society and founded the Free School in Barcelona.

The Casa degli ITALIANI which has been operating for 155 years and the Italian School in Barcelona have therefore always been linked ...

In 1911, thanks to the generosity and philanthropy of the members, a building in Pasaje Mendez Vigo in the center was purchased, which became the school's headquarters.

Over the years, the Italian colony in Barcelona increased exponentially and therefore a building was purchased to house the nursery, elementary and middle schools, the Mendez Vigo headquarters kept the scientific high school classrooms and also became the headquarters of the CASA with its magnificent hall and tavern, where, since then, hundreds of cultural and social events have been organized, meetings with illustrious personalities passing through or specially invited, without ever forgetting the Mission of the HOUSE, that is charity, Scholarships for the children of families less well-off and specific aid to institutions and communities in need.

The annual Gala dinner that only Covid has stopped or the Panettone party are two of the main events organized precisely to raise the funds to be allocated to the various projects.

Over the years, the CASA has passed from King Vittorio Emanuele third with Queen Margherita, to Pirandello, Ungaretti, Salvatore Quasimodo, Guglielmo Marconi, from Cossiga, Andreotti, Fellini, Pavarotti, Ingrid Bergman, Rita levi di Montalcini, Susanna Agnelli, Giovanni Allevi, in short, the Gota of politics and culture ...

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