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News preview Conte sends Europe to that country

Conte sends Europe to that country

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Rain over most of Italy, with the possibility of local snowfall from North to South. Temperatures on the rise • At 18 pm the Pope, alone, in empty Saint Peter's Square • World Theater Day • Today's Gospel: they try to arrest Jesus.

Conte points his feet with the EU

The video conference of the 27 EU leaders that took place yesterday did not nearly fail. The divisions between Northern Europe and Southern Europe are very strong. At the center of the matter are the coronabonds, the European titles requested on Wednesday, among others, by Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and of which Germany, Holland and Finland do not want to hear. The Netherlands, Finland and Slovakia insist that the country that accesses the Mes money be a police station, that is to say, put into the hands of the Troika, as Greece was in its time, so that the harsh conditions provided for by the Mes treaty for granting loans were maintained. Italy, Spain, France, Portugal reply that this is a crisis that affects everyone, and due to external factors, therefore not comparable to the previous ones. New fact, new rules, that is, loans free from any conditions.

Conte tried to reassure the Northern countries with this statement: «Nobody thinks of a mutualisation of public debts. Each country is liable for its public debt and will continue to respond to it. " But then he rejected, together with France, Spain, Greece and Malta, the final document with a very harsh declaration «If anyone were to think about personalized protection mechanisms developed in the past, then I want to say it clearly: don't bother, you can keep them, because Italy doesn't need it ».

Giuseppe Conte
Giuseppe Conte

«Angela Merkel, realizing the danger, calls the break and then presents herself for the second half of the meeting with very soft tones towards the Italian requests, bringing the Dutch Mark Rutte on the scheme of the dialogue. Conte therefore receives a negotiation supplement from the veto »[Iasevoli, Avvenire].

The 27 took two weeks to find a solution (Italy, France and Spain wanted to return to the table within ten days). The mandate, at the suggestion of Conte, was given to the 5 EU presidents (Commission, Council, Eurogroup, ECB and Parliament). "We must react with innovative and appropriate financial instruments to a war that we must fight together, there is an unpredictable and symmetrical shock of epochal importance", concluded Conte.

<br>• “He fought for six hours, and will continue to fight for the next fifteen days. In the meantime, everyone does it themselves. Germany spends its 156 billion, mobilizing 550 billion with public guarantees on Kwf loans, bringing the deficit to 2% of GDP. France spends 45, with loan guarantees up to 300 billion, raising the deficit to 3,9%. Spain reaches 17 billion plus 100 billion guarantees, with a deficit that exceeds 5 percent. Of course there is the revived Christine Lagarde, who since yesterday has operated the bazooka ECB of 750 billion. But it is a small thing compared to Trump's America, which puts 3.200 billion dollars in direct resources and Fed funds into play "[Giannini, Rep]

• «It should be remembered that in Germany, even if the cases have now exceeded 43, there are still 222 dead. In the Netherlands, compared to 7 infections, 434 people have died. The alarm is lower than here »[Mastrobuoni, Rep].

<br>• According to Filippo Facci, the Germans do not cheat on the data but die less because the elderly did not contract the virus as we do, for the simple fact that they live far from their children and grandchildren. This is demonstrated by the fact that the average age of patients in Germany is 47 years compared to our 64 [Libero].


In Bari, the bank refused a loan of 50 euros to a trader who was left without money because of the closed shop and whose mother had not yet been credited with the pension. Since the woman was in an uproar, her son arrived, then the police, finally an entrepreneur from the area approached and gave her banknotes. The entrepreneur then said: «In that woman's eyes I saw a real desperation and I could not help but give her what I had with me at that moment. I ran away in seconds because I didn't want to be recognized. I would never have imagined being taken with a cell phone »[Loconte, Bari.ilquotidianoitaliano, taken from Dagospia].

On the front page

• Premier Conte quarreled with half of Europe. The Northern countries have rejected both the coronabonds and the hypothesis that the Save-States fund grants loans without conditions and he has not signed. Formed, to get out of the impasse, a commission that in two weeks will have to formalize a proposal
• The European Central Bank has launched the new 750 billion euro bond purchase program. The G20 injects 5 billion into the world economy
• Conte al Senato talks about the new 25-30 billion decree.
• Salvini would like Draghi to lead a government. He doesn't think about it.
• The contagion curve in Italy has started to grow again: yesterday, 4.492 new cases were recorded, 712 dead and 999 recovered. Lombardy especially bad. Fontana: "I'm worried." The Municipality of Milan has stopped cremations for non-residents
• Borrelli tested negative for coronavirus. The Italian Drug Agency will allow family doctors to prescribe anti-HIV drugs to combat Covid-19. The masks for the sanitary ware disappear. The count of dead doctors rises to 41. Minister Lamorgese denounced the mayor of Messina for vilification. The Pope doesn't have coronavirus. This is confirmed by the swab made after a prelate in Santa Marta tested positive. Confcommercio estimates consumption down by 52 billion. Electricity and gas will cost 20% less. 
• The one hundred thousand Italians already sued for violating the bans will get away with a fine of 200 euros, without criminal consequences
• The United States is the first country for infections. Coronavirus patients have reached 81.488, more than China and Italy. The dead are 1.178. New York, in lockdown for days, has the record of deaths: 385, of which one hundred only yesterday. There are more than 23 victims worldwide. In Europe we have exceeded 250 thousand infections. In Spain, ten thousand new cases in one day. China closes its borders to foreigners. Britain is preparing for a sanitary "tsunami". In Iran, real coronavirus deaths are up to five times those reported. In Bolivia citizens will only be able to leave their homes once a week, in Israel it is not possible to go more than a hundred meters from home. Only Sweden feels invincible. Bars, restaurants and offices are open, public transport is full of people walking around without a mask
• In March, crimes decreased by 75%, due to travel restrictions. However, pharmacies remain targeted by robbers. Abuse in the family also decreases, but at a slower pace, but it is likely that many women have not reported
• In the first three months of 2020 in Italy there should be a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of between 5 and 7%. Ispra calculated it
• The Constitutional Court has established that the obligation for car rentals with drivers to return home after each race is illegitimate. A victory for Uber
• The United States has placed a bounty of 15 million euros on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and indicted him for international drug trafficking
• Libya is open war again. After Haftar bombed Tripoli, al Serraj launched an offensive and announced that it had taken over the important Al Watiya base
• Gantz and Netanyahu will be Israel's premier on rotation
• Mullah Krekar, who had formed an Islamic terrorist organization, was extradited from Norway to Italy
• In Kosovo the coalition government fell after only two months, while the country appears completely unprepared to face the pandemic
• It is still unknown when to go back to school. Minister Azzolina says that the final exam will be serious but lighter and that the school year will be valid even if the 200 days of lessons are not reached
• Moody's has rejected 15 Italian banks
• RCS closes 2019 with a profit of 68,5 million thanks to digital growth of 18 percent
• 20% losses expected for Google and Facebook due to the collapse of advertising
• The MotoGp Spanish Grand Prix has been postponed until a later date. The Le Mans and Mugello races are also at risk
• First case of coronavirus in Barcelona: the team doctor. Messi and his companions refused to cut their wages in half
• An ultras from Inter was punished with the «Daspo out of context», that is, for the mere fact of being violent and with precedents.

Culture and Entertainment

Out today Gigatons by Pearl Jam. Live Instagram by Giuseppe Anastasi, lyricist (especially for Arisa, but also for Michele Bravi, Emma, ​​Anna Tatangelo and the Tazenda) and songwriter (17pm).

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