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Uncomfortable diary Europe is not only absent, it is stupid. Many years ago it started ...

Europe is not only absent, it is stupid. Many years ago it began with disagreements, as today, and ended with war

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The EU is a miraculous initiative. If it goes wrong, the blame lies with the mediocre ones who manage it. Many pull the rope too much. Others want to redeem past defeats. But nobody presents a reform plan. It is easier to criticize. There are also those who want to get out of it to print money. And it would be an unimaginable catastrophe. After 75 years of peoples' friendship, even with the tragedy in progress, leaders are quarreling today. Neither Merkel nor anyone else thinks about solving the problem. They send an aristocratic doll that says what they tell her to say. There is nostalgia for the personalities and loyalty of the past.

In Budapest turkeys celebrate Thanksgiving

With no respect for voters, nor for democracy, nor for the EU, with whose contributions Hungary thrives, the large majority and even indefinite parliament - as did the Italian one in 1922 and the German in 1933 - absolute powers to the premier. Then the Legislative Assembly was rightly closed as it no longer had any function or dignity. Europe is staring in shock, having never foreseen the birth of a dictatorship in the XNUMXst century. The country deserves expulsion. In fact, we are looking for someone in Brussels who has the balls to propose it.

But is it really true that niggers belong to an inferior race?

Many say it and I too, without despising them, end up believing it. In fact, if you think about it, they had only one president of the United States, a few scientists, musicians and writers, a few Nobel laureates, some UN secretaries, champions in sport and that's it. Want to put a white! Coronavirus does not take them into consideration either. Not a clandestine is hospitalized in Spallanzani. No deaths. Who knows if it is the sorcerer who heals them. What primitives! However, nobody gets fined on the street. They stay at home and respect the rules more than we do. There is no need to close ports.

In a poor but generous country, today, in addition to paid coffee, there is also something to eat

Some billionaire intervenes in favor of those who do not make ends meet. But they are few. Those who have the opportunity are invited to help the less fortunate. Why isn't an emergency Telethon done? There is little solidarity in Italy and it is even more noticeable in sad situations. Except in Naples, where the poor people give a part of their meal to the hungry. In the popular districts, it is admirable to see baskets full of bread, salami and cheese drop from the balconies for those who have nothing to eat. Elsewhere there are those who, without shame, enjoy sending in tilt with hackers the hospital computer.

Is it possible that economic recovery is more important than life?

The government has 50 billion to contribute to corporate losses and meet workers. There are, however, those who, in order to do politics, say that they are few and argue. This is not the time while people are dying. We hope to survive and then we will think about the future. Coronavirus does not cure itself. It heals thanks to its immune resources. What is the point of thinking about recovery before discovering a drug that fights it or a vaccine? If the US is running two trillion dollars it is because they are rich, but above all because the presidential elections are approaching.

Hurry up to find a vaccine or at least a cure drug. If everyone dies, then who will you sell them to?

I was among the optimists, certain that after Coronavirus the company would have changed for the better, because for the worse it is not easy. He thought that anyone in this world - rich and poor, black and white, left and right - would have realized the need to be in solidarity. Unfortunately, the bet was lost. Selfishness and greed are unchanged. Instead of collaborating in the moment of greatest suffering, we do not even exchange information. The race for the primacy of the vaccine and the sales monopoly is underway. If only one industry will produce it, it will not be enough for everyone. The other crepino as well.

Dear Senator, remember that flattery is an infidel, as well as an exaggerated and sudden success

She deserves infinite respect and admiration for what she has undergone and now represents. In fact, although 75 years later, the recognition of probe people has arrived. It's nice to see how many towns in Italy gratify it. It rains many citizens. Associations of any kind invoke his intervention. There was the turn of universities and honorary degrees. She is rightly the most loved person in the country. He even has the power to kiss young people on the right, without stirring controversy. But don't go overboard. Luckily the Covid-19 has thought about blocking too many honors.

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