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Leafing through the New York Times Sent to calm the mess in Portland, federal agents poke the ...

Sent to calm the mess in Portland, federal agents fire

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Leafing through the New York Times of 22/07/2020

 Above the title, four photographs that occupy almost half of the first page with this caption: " In Portland, federal agents in camouflage uniforms used tactics such as throwing cans of tear gas at demonstrators, who included a peaceful line of mothers. In Portland, the capital of a state with a long history of racism, protests, which have almost vanished in the rest of the country, have continued uninterrupted for 51 days since Floyd's death. A situation that has also aroused reactions from opposing tendencies, but everyone agrees on one point: the deployment of federal agents in camouflage suits has only made things worse. Trump shared a negative view of Portland as "a lawless place full of anarchists who hate the country." The local authorities, Governor and Mayor, interviewed by the Ministry for Public Safety, replied that they did not need any help. But it has arrived anyway, most likely in contrast with the dictates of the constitution, transforming Portland from a place of continuous, but essentially peaceful, demonstrations to a battlefield. This is exactly how many dictatorships in Latin America began.


-      Ads exploit fear as Trump builds tension in cities. An effort to dirty Biden. Clashes with demonstrators used to reinforce the "law and order" message. While Trump deploys federal agents in Portland, Oregon and threatens to send them to other cities, his election campaign spends millions on nefarious commercials that promote fear with his message of "law and order" and tend to make states believe that with a democratic majority, public officials allow dangerous demonstrators to create a widespread chaos.

-      The stimulus plan discovers fractures in the unity of Europe. After days of discussions, the countries of Europe approved a 750 billion euro plan, mainly wanted by Germany and France, to stimulate the economy. The plan was approved unanimously but highlighted the many rifts existing within the Union.

-      Trump put pressure on his Ambassador: let me have the "British open", the most famous and lucrative golf tournament in the world. He had pushed for having it on his own golf course in Scotland. The ambassador spoke to the Scottish foreign manager, but to no avail. An episode that left American diplomats deeply disturbed. In distant Scotland there is evidently someone who thinks more cleanly than the American President.

-      England accused of neglecting the Russian attacks. A repeatedly postponed report shows that Russia has mounted and for years pursued a campaign to undermine British democracy and corrupt its politics, while successive governments looked the other way, ignoring years of signals. It is not clear whether Russia also influenced one of the most important votes in British history: the exit from Europe.

-      Millions in the United States may soon lose $ 600 a month, their lifeline. When millions of Americans began to lose their jobs in March, the government intervened with a life saving: $ 600 more per month than the unemployment benefit. But this extra is about to expire and will disappear if the parliament does not intervene to extend it.


-      Plot for vaccine secretsTwo Chinese "hackers" accused of attempting to steal data on vaccine developments on behalf of the Beijing secret services.

-      In Houston (Texas) a picture of inequality. Two adjacent neighborhoods show how the disease has attacked daily life in divergent ways. In Gulfton (45.000 inhabitants) 965 sick and 12 dead. In Bellaire (19.000 inhabitants) 67 sick and no deaths.

-      A study shows that there are more infections than officially reported. Tests from 10 cities and states indicate that people without symptoms may have spread the infection.

-      And now, the luxury of the epidemic. The coronavirus is turning everyday pleasures into extravagances available only to the rich, from in-house spa treatments to $ 350 movie tickets.

-      Doubtful redefinition of the electoral districts. Trump wants to exclude undocumented immigrants in the count for the allocation of parliamentary seats. Critics say it is unconstitutional.

-      Truth, justice and cookies. Through online sales, pastry chefs have raised millions to fight racism.  

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