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Leafing through the New York Times "I knew I had to be part of it"

"I knew I had to be part of it"

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Browse the New York Times today June 3, 2020.

The people who vent their anger are individual pieces of a movement, like drops of water in a waterfall, here are some of their stories.

With these headlines on the front page begins an article made of 16 interviews with related photos of young participants in the riots. I quote some of their comments. "It happens so often without any repercussions for those police actions." "I'm tired of being sick and tired." "What struck me most is how cheeky the episode was." "I've never been so affected by such a thing. It's that I saw the man die, that's why. " "I know what the police are capable of." "I am desperate and outraged every day." “I came here today because I feel that if we don't all come here, then what are we doing? We let that man die in vain. "


  • How Trump's idea for a photo shoot led to chaos in the park. Rejected by his collaborators the idea of ​​sending the army to quell the unrest, he wants to make a "pacifist" gesture of "marching" towards a damaged church the previous night. The crowd is still nearby in a peaceful attitude, but everything ends as always by the police: beatings, rubber bullets, use of various intoxicating gases.
  • In one change, the wealthy neighborhoods of cities become the target of the demonstrators. From Chicago (Michigan Avenue) to Philadelphia (City Center), from Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) to New York (Times Square and Soho), protesters attack the wealthy neighborhoods, destroying and stealing in high-quality stores like Nordstorm or Macys .
  • Biden sees a nation infuriated with Trump blowing on fire. In his first formal public speech, he strongly criticized Trump's leadership of a crisis in full on racism and police brutality. "Donald Trump - he said - has reduced this country into a battlefield made of ancient grudges and new fears".
  • The violence surrounds both the demonstrators and the police. The disorder came on the eighth day, but also with conciliatory gestures: In Minneapolis, in front of a peaceful crowd, members of the national guard applauded the demonstrators, offered them drinks and knelt.


  • Tropical forests in the world are decreasing. Brazil is responsible for over a third of the total loss.
  • Few friends abroad for Trump. After years of American supremacy, European allies have stopped looking at the president as a leader.
  • New crisis: little blood supply. Many Americans begin to leave the house, but the level of blood donations has not yet risen.
  • Saturday night fever has returned. A club in Germany has found a way to bring the disco back without a dance floor. The couple are sitting in the car.
  • Saving the sturgeon. The search for caviar had greatly reduced sturgeons in the Columbia River (Washington State). But now, after years of effort, they are returning.
  • Dissent to Facebook about Trump. The big boss Zuckerberg, sensing the bad mood of many of his employees, sent a letter citing free speech to justify his non-intervention in Trump's messages.

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