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Free Thought Israel and Italy: two pernicious anomalies

Israel and Italy: two pernicious anomalies

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The overcrowding of the world is not entirely accidental. Shamans and priests of the Faith as well as military leaders and leaders have always put a good word to induce people to a procreation.
The former for reasons of religious proselytism (the more faithful the more difficult, gloomy and tragic the future of the infidels becomes).
The latter to replenish armies to be unleashed on the assault of enemies and the conquests of new lands. (The concept of "The number is strength" was much loved by Benito Mussolini and taken up by him in an article published in "Hierarchy" on September 9, 1928).

Religious and Military, consequently, are also "bearers" (not really "healthy") of the authoritarian virus: the herdsmen, the shepherds with a stick, are essential and must be inflexible and severe especially when there are many sheep. And there must be hierarchy, a completely antithetical concept to the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Military theocracies and dictatorships are in the history of men.

  • Theocracy is particularly fierce in the repression of dissenting thought (to quote the examples a voluminous book would not be enough; in fact, the German historian Karleinz Deschner, professor of the University of Wurzburg, has written ten volumes to cite and narrate the criminal repressions of the solo Christianity);
  • Military dictatorships are sadly known in the countries of South America but are not related only to that geographical location.

Both authoritarian managements of power feed heavily on justicialism (as, indeed, the two regimes-children of post-Hegelian German idealism: fascism and communism).

As for Christians, the first traces of such a "poison" are found in Tertullian but also the great Dante Alighieri does not seem exempt from this disease when he speaks to us of Boniface VIII.
Only, however, in two countries of the entire planet, the "Religion-Justice" alliance has risen "at the constitutional level"
On the subject, in fact, of the administration of justice, Italy (host IOR and Vatican) and Israel (home, of the owners of the most powerful financial lobbies of the West, the Jewish ones) have built the judicial Order as a real "super power ", superordinate to the other two and capable of" blocking "any" unwelcome "political initiative, even if taken from the other two powers.

In other words, with all due respect to the theories of Montesquieu, Israel and Italy, countries of so-called advanced democracy and of proclaimed "Judeo-Christian" roots, they have placed judicial power above the other two, Executive and Legislative, without caring about the balance , for centuries, desired by liberal and democratic jurists and politicians.

To sanction the "overwhelming" power of public prosecutors and judges, there was no shortage of highly relevant religious motivations (of course, only for the creators). Jews and Christians (of more severe orthodoxy) consider Justice the highest, the highest power of God and, therefore, (by divine derivation) of men on Earth. And this, also because this "superpower" can be tempered, mitigated or even elided by Mercy, another divine prerogative.
In both countries (Israel and Italy) the practical results, for the purposes of civil, social and political coexistence, have been disastrous.

In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the incumbent Prime Minister, ended up on trial for corruption, on the initiative of a public prosecutor. In Italy the political class has been decimated by notices of guarantee, often resolved in soap bubbles, and is now made up only of people who have nothing to lose and must do politics because they have no other "wages for boiling".

The exercise of both justice and forgiveness (based, in Italy, on the constitutionalized theory of the amendment), as, moreover, every human action could not escape the risk of arbitrariness. Today the situation is such as to constitute a real one
explosive mixture capable of leading the country to total disaster. And this also for the purpose of possible and still possible attempts of "judicial coups" (some examples of the nineties, according to some political notists, should be teaching, even if never tried in a certain and unequivocal way).

Conclusion for the Bel Paese: No useful reform of the constitutional system will be useful to improve the political conditions of the Italian Peninsula, if the judicial system is not brought back to its natural riverbed, returning to the principles of Montesquieu. This is the first point to face and resolve on the example of all liberal democratic states.

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