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Natural Theater Italian cheeses come back to run abroad

Italian cheeses come back to run abroad

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After the slowdown observed in 2018, the first six months of 2019 show double-digit growth for exports of cheese and dairy products.

According to ISMEA elaborations on Istat data, the first half of the year saw our shipments abroad grow by more than 12%, in marked acceleration compared to the limited trend of 2018 (+ 3%), the lowest of the last 10 years.

Seasoned cheeses (+ 14,5%, for 772 million euros equal to 45% of the total sector) and fresh cheeses (+ 6,3% for a value of 424 million) are the drivers of this sector in this first half.

the export of Italian cheeses

For the seasoned, a strong recovery in requests from overseas should be noted, with exports to the US jumped to 147 million Euros (+ 25% on the first six months of 2018) thanks to the excellent performance of Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano (+ 26%) and Pecorini (+ 28%).

In the latter case, ISMEA points out, the increase in exports in value is accompanied by a more than proportional increase in quantities, a sign of a decrease in the average export price which, therefore, does not offer the milk supply chain sheep the long-awaited mouthful of oxygen.

We also note the excellent performance in Japan again for mature cheeses (+ 22,8% for a value of 19 million euros) and fresh cheeses (+ 24,9% with 17 million euros in revenues).

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