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News preview Italian politics, all in search of the center ... which is not there

Italian politics, all in search of the center ... which is not there

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There has been a lot of talk about the political center for some time. This debate on the occupation of the center, an old theory of the last century, that according to which the political center of a democratic system is the privileged place of politics, has returned to fashion among political observers. I remember a well-known Italian leftist essayist, Mario Tronti, about fifty years ago described this theory.

Here this is a bit 'the idea that the voter has when he hears about the center. The problem is that it has become a fiction, and this is very serious. It is a fiction to speak of the center-left, because there is a party of the left, the Democratic Party, in which there is nobody at the center. To make center left, there must be a center force, which is not there.

Everyone is looking for the Center ... that is not there!

I think it has its own validity and interest, even if it is shown by recent history that the center does not always correspond to the degree of development of democracy in a country and of the dialectic between parties in the democratic system. However, this issue remains of great interest, so much so that even in defining the political areas, despite all that has happened in the last two decades, in Italy, we continue to speak of center right and center left. Looking with some diffidence both on the far left and on the far right. While the word center right, center left, seems something that reassures voters that they are in an area like moderate, prudent, reflective people, capable of governing with balance, with a sense of responsibility.

Center right, we know the right, that of Salvini, a beautiful right, today with a broad consensus, a beautiful reactionary right. And who would the center be? That semblance of a party that has become Forza Italia? This remnant of war? There is no longer the center!

So the comparison is between a left (PD) and a right (Lega), but is this exactly what the voters want? And where does that sense of moderation, of certainty, of balance end up? It ends up in abstention. If almost half of the Italian electorate remains at home in the face of electoral deadlines, it is because, the marketing experts would say, the offer that is made does not satisfy all the demand. Half of customers don't "buy".

Could this center that is not there, which is perhaps the aspiration of that 40% of voters who stay at home and do not go to vote, be satisfied? Calenda, for example, thought that the center should and can be done, but first it must ask and obtain the permission of the Secretary of the PD Zingaretti, in short, we are at the joke. On the other hand there is Toti, former journalist Director of Rete 4, who has risen to the glories of leadership, he too thinks that it takes a center to make the center-right and would like to make a center party from Genoa, to be allied to the right . But he has to deal with Berlusconi who, if he proves to have some difficulties in politics in this period, but he knows about marketing and I don't think he will let him.

One thing is certain, this center is empty for now.

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