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Network Italian recipes are highly sought after, especially for baked goods

Italian recipes are highly sought after, especially for baked goods

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The most popular recipes in the coronavirus and quarantine period relate to desserts, pasta, quick preparations or instructions for cakes. To detect it is a study by the Italiani.Coop portal, which after analyzing the trend of food spending in recent weeks recording a particular growth in bread making and yeast, wondered who cooks the most and what the recipes are most searched through Google Trends between February 21 (the day we heard of the Codogno outbreak) and March 24 (the last day made available for analysis by the search engine).

The study records that the word recipe has "remained substantially stable until the entry into force of the #iorestoacasa decree, and then recorded a sudden growth in the days immediately following reaching the peak of intensity on March 22".

The research, in addition to discovering that Italians are not only a people of saints, poets and navigators, but also experienced or aspiring chefs within the home, highlights that recipes, based on an analysis by city, go strong at North. "The ranking for the kitchen sees the inhabitants of Turin and Parma as protagonists, while at the bottom of the ranking we find Palermo and Naples".

The most involved in seeking online advice for recipes are the inhabitants of Marche, Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna. The least interested are those from Trentino Alto Adige, Campania and Basilicata. Finally, it is reported that among the words that grow the most, as far as recipes are concerned, is zeppole, "probably driven by Father's Day on March 19th"

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