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Natural Theater Italians like food enriched for health purposes

Italians like food enriched for health purposes

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In the shopping cart the Italians seem to look for lightness, easy digestion, detox. And the food industry responds to this health-conscious request with an ever wider range of references with beneficial components. "The fibers - highlights an analysis by the Immagino Nielsen GS1 Italy Observatory - were confirmed in 2018 as the undisputed protagonist of the" rich-in ", that is, the set of products united by the presence of some ingredients in greater form.

Adding the claims concerning fiber and wholemeal to 4.351 of the 5964 products monitored. Overall, in 2018, the approximately six thousand products that reported on the label the significant presence or addition of beneficial components (such as vitamin, calcium, fiber, Omega 3 and iron) touched the 2,4 billion euro turnover , contributing 9,5% to the total sales "of the references analyzed by the monitoring.

Why eat legumes vegetables and fruit

In particular, it emerges from the research of the Immagino Observatory, the products that have the full claim on packaging show growth trends well above those of large food consumption as a whole: last year sales of whole products have a record, as notes the Imagine Observatory, a + 7,7% compared to the previous 12 months, slightly slowing that boom by + 9,1% in 2017.

The offer increased by + 10,7% compared to 2017 and was concentrated in biscuits and, to a lesser extent, in breakfast cereals, semolina pasta and bread substitutes. Food enriched with fiber closed 2018 with an annual growth of + 5,8%, including biscuits, shortbreads, snacks, wholemeal pasta, functional yoghurts and baby milk.

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