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News preview Italy an aging country: there are more than sixty years old than thirty years old

Italy an aging country: there are more than sixty years old than thirty years old

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Italy an aging country: there are more than sixty years old than thirty years old

«For the first time since 1861, that is, since we counted ourselves, in this country that does not have a daughter but maintains high levels of health, those who are over sixty years old are more numerous than those who are less than thirty. 2018 marks the overtaking of the over sixty (they are 28,7 percent of the Italian population) over the under thirty (28,4, now). The Carlo Cattaneo Institute of Studies and Research says so »[Corrado Zunino, Rep].

Elections in South Tyrol, the League advances, the Svp decreasing

«The provincial elections of Bolzano turn out to be a real political earthquake, where the turnout (73,9) dropped by five points compared to 2013, favored the Italian vote over a greater German abstention, especially in the valleys. The League establishes itself as the third party (until now its presence was almost irrelevant in the South Tyrolean region) reaching over 14,1 percent with 67 percent of the sections scrutinized, showing that it has also collected votes among the German-speaking voters in the Alto Adige, so much so that in the city of Bolzano it even jumps to first place with 29,5 percent compared to 15 in the Südtiroler Volkspartei (83 percent of the sections scrutinized). A very heavy historical collapse that of the SVP which not only does not reach 40 percent in the provincial territory but stops at 38,7, with a difference of 10 points compared to the 2013 elections. In second place, with 14,2%, Team Köllesperger, founded by Paolo Köllesperger, who escaped from the 5 Star Movement a month ago, became the German protest party and the real surprise of the elections. Followed by the Greens who collect 6,8 percent. The Democratic Party stops at 5% therefore failing to guarantee a government alliance with the SVP. The M5S are irrelevant, Forza Italia substantially non-existent. A situation of great confusion for the SVP, the hegemonic party of South Tyrol since the postwar period, traditionally an ally of the Italian governing parties and now in a very strong crisis, after the last alliance with the Democratic Party. In fact, the prospect, in order to reach a majority of at least 18 councilors in the Provincial Council, is to seek an alliance with the League, defined however in the election campaign as “an unreliable party” by the leader Arno Kompatscher »[, Sta]. The scrutiny for the whole of Trentino begins today.

The move from Piedmont to Lombardy in the province of Verbania has failed: the quorum has not been reached "and what could have been the first defection of an Italian Province remained a pious illusion" [Griseri, Rep].

For Grillo, the head of state has too many powers

The three days of «Italia 5 Stelle» in Rome ended with a show by Beppe Grillo against the Quirinale. «We should take the powers from the head of state, reform him. The vilification ... A head of state who presides over the CSM, who is head of the armed forces ». From the M5s they immediately distanced themselves: "We don't want to reform the president's powers, it's not in the government contract." Also on the stage of the Circus Maximus was Prime Minister Conte, who called himself the "guarantor of the contract", while Di Maio sent reassuring messages to the markets: "We want to stay in the European Union and in the euro".

«Until a week ago nobody could have assumed that the gathering of the Circo Massimo grill would have turned into an anti-Jewish event. Instead, the television reports of Luigi Di Maio have made the "miracle" of making the pentastellato people boil and make them angry at Matteo Salvini's address. As paradoxical as it may seem, only Beppe Grillo renewed his trust in the Minister of the Interior by moving his aim towards the Head of State. With effects that cannot be called stabilizers and with tones that do not know to what extent they can be taken seriously. Result: the earthquake continues, with shocks that would be difficult to define as "settling" »[Paolo Mieli, CdS].

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