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Uncomfortable diary Italy collapses under the nightmare of climate change that we persist in ...

Italy collapses under the nightmare of climate change that we persist in denying

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The Aurelia is a consular road that for more than two thousand years has connected Rome to Ventimiglia, along the Tyrrhenian Sea. There have never been any problems. Now suddenly it is invaded by the waters of overflowing rivers and unusually disastrous rains. Bridges and viaducts collapse. Billions in damage. Many people die in cities flooded or overwhelmed by landslides. It is no one's fault, but the hydrogeological catastrophe can no longer be denied. No use whining. We learn to defend the territory, preventing landslides with adequate works but without stealing on the material as we have done so far.

The viaduct collapsed on the A6

Even if we don't miss anything, we are full of anger and we just spread hatred

There is a part of society that despises girls who fight for a cause, right or wrong, and win it. Yet neither death nor ecological disasters are right or left. Greta is the leader of millions of young people around the world who fight against toxic emissions. She is accused of being maneuvered while Italy is drowning in mud. Cucchi, even if the Arma has become a civil party and the two carabinieri are convicted of murder, would exploit the misfortune of their brother to make money and throw themselves into politics.

How is it possible to stop violence against women with similar men?

Equal values ​​found in all regions. The north is richer and there are fewer unemployed people. But from Aosta to Caltanissetta there is the same percentage of harassment, aggression and even feminicides. 96 in 11 months. From a recent ISTAT survey it does not seem that the Italians are scandalized. The belief is unanimous. It is mainly the fault of women. In fact, according to 6%, the most serious are never attacked. For 40% if a woman doesn't want to, rape won't succeed. For 24%, violence is caused by the way they dress. If drunk or drugged, she is an accomplice. At least Mattarella is outraged

The FS win the high-speed contract in Spain, who knows when in the South with us

We are also appreciated abroad, not only from Naples upwards. "Frecciarossa, the house that takes you home" is the advertising of the group. Unfortunately, those who do not live in Milan, Turin or Venice, must return home with trains that go to pieces, which were already outdated in the last century. Puglia, Calabria and Sicily never win anything. They just see us as a reservoir of votes. However, no one protests. We haven't been riding mules for a long time. We continue to have faith in promises. Will someone keep them sooner or later? For now they gave us the car and the cell phone. We can not complain.

There is nothing to fear, just don't give it importance and they will disappear like a soap bubble

There is a lot of talk about Nazism and Fascism. But no one can see in the neighborhood or on the horizon who vaguely resembles Hitler or Mussolini. They fall into ridicule by electing the misses, poor frustrated people who, in order to solve the country's problems, consider it enough to proclaim themselves anti-Semitic and violent. And we take them seriously. Where is the program that, as then, sends the crowds into raptures? Who is the leader who drags the voters by proposing miraculous, even if, then, disastrous choices? We only see caricatures with principles that perhaps had historical validity 100 years ago while today they are anachronistic.

Counterterrorism acts with anger and resentment, the British learn to defend themselves

I had never seen a defenseless man, albeit a double assassin and, apparently, a fanatic of ISIS, executed in London by agents who arrived when the attack was over. To disarm the terrorist (or maybe a madman, we will never know) and to immobilize him are the passers-by, his own victims, hitting him with a fire extinguisher. The police shoot him when he's already on the ground, to kill him. Thus, the two victims become three. There are also wounded. A camera is filming the scene. The Premier congratulates him. For me, however, even the life of a criminal, especially if harmless, is sacred.

Old memories of when I was young and unwary, but not stupid

When I came of age I was still arrogant and conceited, I didn't realize I was ignorant. Indeed, I deluded myself that, although immature, I was a great man. However, when the first elections arrived, I didn't vote for those who looked like me. Holding on to the freedom we had gained, I preferred those who weren't stupid like me. Not being able to do politics, I thought the same as who was at my level. Instead, by electing the best, who knew the most, they would ensure democracy and well-being. And I would have had an easier life and continued to be a braggart.

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