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Free Thought Italy united in united Europe, at the time of the Coronavirus

Italy united in united Europe, at the time of the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus epidemic has shown (even if there was no need for it) that Italy is the most fragmented and divided country on the planet and that the realization of the Risorgimento dream of unity was only one step to make all Italians more aware and aware of their inability to feel part of a single nation. This also shows how much falsehood both their Europeanism and their Nationalism are cloaked.

The first is only the reflection induced by the ecumenical and universalistic vocations, instilled in their minds by Catholic fideism and communist fanaticism; the second is the product of the patriotic exaltation which systematically led to the ruin of all peoples convinced that they were God's favorites.

coronavirus in the world

From this to say, however, that Italy is a country of individualists, that is, followers of a philosophical orientation inclined to deny the possibility of relationships of interdependence between individuals, runs us.

Coronavirus has shown exactly the opposite: the Italians cannot do without moments of collective meetings called, moreover, with the most absurd and ridiculous names: apericena (who invented this neologism?) Nightlife and so on.

And even before the epidemic the circles of Ultras fans were particularly crowded and the frequent visitors to bars, billiards and fast-food restaurants expressed a need for interrelationships.

That this was, however, the reason why a viral strain born and developed in China has found a way to transform a European country, like Italy, into the most active outbreak, after the original one, is hardly credible.

The reasons are to be found elsewhere.

It is to be called into question, perhaps and without perhaps, our total inability to use reasoning and logic instead of fantasy; which, on the other hand, with its flights, sometimes even excellent, demonstrates an (artistic? not only) versatility that is irrepressible even in the most dramatic moments of collective life.

Only in a country like ours could a photo of a 600th century crucifix appear on social networks with an invitation to the competent authorities (religious, but also civilians, given the laws issued on the ban on gatherings) to carry it in procession and in around the whole peninsula, because it had saved our ancestors from the plague!

And this, while news arrives to the Italians of closing the "miraculous" waters of Lourdes, of prohibitions to use the "stoups" to wet the fingers of the hand and then make the sign of the cross, of prudential "quarantine" of the Pope who makes use of of a "diabolical" streaming to make the voice of God reach the faithful.

Only in a country, like ours, could the "patriots" of the nineteenth century be asked to shed copious quantities of blood, for the unification of Italy (which did a favor especially to the English and French who saw Austria, hegemony in Europe, like smoke in the eyes) and then, with state laws, finally become "united", divide the cake again and, during the division into "regional" or "provincial" slices (there are also those) sing at at the top of your voice, hymns to exalt European Unity.

Only in a country, like ours, was it possible to rejoice because a corporation of public employees, hired by competition and paid with taxpayers' money, had found a way to remove "well-educated", educated and competent people from political life had made room, with the void created, for students out of class, for young people looking for work or unemployed after a few attempts to practice a profession, for individuals "fully called and not elected" to entrust them with the management of the res publicae for the care of the good of the polis.

Only in a country like ours, the discussion on the extent of the "overrun" to be required from technocrats to repair the damage caused by an exceptional rather than extraordinary calamity has been able to mask and overshadow the real problem, the one to be addressed and discussed immediately once the epidemic is over, of a state that has lost its "sovereignty" to the point of not being able to help its citizens without the consent of the European Union.

And this in order, far from commendable, to keep taxpayers' money available to banks that fail for their "bubbles" and non-governmental organizations for their, already profitable, human trafficking.

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