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News and curiosities from the world Jamaica, economy plunges due to lack of marijuana

Jamaica, economy plunges due to lack of marijuana

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Press review of the week from 1st to 8th February.

Jamaica, land of palm trees, sun, Bob and Maria. The symbolic land of Bob Marley, who was the first to legalize cannabis in the Americas in 2014, is now facing severe economic difficulties due to the lack of its precious raw material: marijuana.

The heavy rains of the season, last year's hurricanes followed by severe drought have caused significant damage to farmers who grow marijuana outside the legal system. The Covid emergency has imposed many restrictions on the country, including the government curfew from six in the afternoon until dawn, preventing illegal farmers from harvesting cannabis at night and escaping local police checks.

A combination that has also brought the cannabis market to its knees, in the most famous fiefdom in the world, mother of production, home of the easy joint.

 «It's the worst time I can remember, as well as a cultural shame», Reports Triston Thompson, executive of Tacaya, a consultancy firm of the nascent legal cannabis industry.

Marijuana has been used in Jamaica for six years for any purpose related to faith. Anyone on the island can grow up to five plants in the garden for personal consumption, while for the religious there are no limits of use, the followers can smoke as much as they want. A very useful sacred herb to get closer to God.

We just have to say "NON WOMAN, NO CRY" will surely return the best moments!


The estimate is at least 7 dead and 200 missing people. This is what happened in the state of Uttarakhand, India, where a piece of the Himalayan glacier fell into the river of India causing a flood.

The mass of water and debris, which passed a dam, engulfed two power plants, as well as roads and bridges. The workers were stuck in a tunnel, according to the Times of India.

"I am constantly monitoring the unfortunate situation in Uttarakhand. India is with Uttarakhand and the nation prays for the safety of all. I speak continuously with local authorities and receive updates on rescue operations“, Wrote Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter.


Thousands of people took to the streets to protest, civil disobedience by brave rebels with a red bow across their chest and three fingers raised.

After the coup d'état in Myanmar, where Australian councilor Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested, an internet blockade was ordered for several days. An inadmissible gesture, which undermines people's rights by gagging their thoughts.

In the last few hours, the ability to access the Internet has been partially restored in Burma. This was stated by NetBlocks, the non-governmental organization that controls cyber security and internet governance.

"Partial restoration of internet connection confirmed in Burma starting at 14 pm local time on multiple providers following the information blackout“, Says the Internet monitoring service on Twitter, adding that social media platforms are still blocked, as reported by Ansa.

A protest that saw more than a thousand Burmese take to the streets in Yangon. A demonstration of dissent against the February 1 coup that overturned the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi. "We will continue to mobilize until we have democracy. Down with the dictatorship“Said Myo Win, a protester. Yesterday several thousand people had already taken to the streets in the economic capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma).


"Free Zaki", the contest created by Amnesty International Italia and the Salentino Festival "Conversations on the future", in collaboration with the Human Rights Festival of Milan and the Article 21 association and with the patronage of Alma Mater and the municipality of Bologna.

Ten posters will be posted on the anniversary of the validation of Zaki's arrest, in Bologna, as in the other cities that have joined the initiative.

"PATRICK LIBERO" This is asked by many, including some European MEPs, in a video appeal published on the Facebook page of activists who try to do everything possible by fighting for the freedom of the 29-year-old Egyptian researcher from the University of Bologna in prison in Egypt for a year.

Fabio Massimo Castaldo (vice president of the EU Parliament), Pierfrancesco Majorino, Soraya Rodríguez, Alessandra Moretti, Pina Picierno, Elisabetta Gualmini, Pietro Bartolo, Patrizia Toia, Brando Benifei "sign" it with video messages.

"His only fault was having free opinions. The situation requires a concrete and immediate response, including in the form of EU sanctions”, Says Castaldo.
Sharing the video the activists write: "Today, February 7, 2021 marks one year since Patrick's detention at Cairo International Airport. On this occasion, the members of the European Parliament renew their request for Patrick's release and promise to continue fighting for him. We thank them for being Patrick's voice and for using their position to promote a safer world where human rights are respected.".
Bartolomo states: "His fault is having dealt with human rights".

Patrick is the symbol of Europe as we would like it", Remembers Picierno,"but it has unfortunately become the symbol of the failure of the Europe we face". "We want you to return to Bologna as soon as possible“, Says Gualmini.


Brexit was signed on Christmas Eve and entered into force on January 1, 2021, but the British freight industry accuses Minister Michael Gove of ignoring the problems that the agreement in extremis would have produced, conspicuous difficulties.

As the Sunday Observer reveals, freight transport has experienced a 68% decrease in exports from the UK to the EU, compared to January 2020 alone.

According to data provided by the Road Haulage Association, the future prospects are not much better than the current ones, considering that in July the new controls on imports will start.


With 230 votes in favor and 199 against, the House of Representatives on February 4 removed Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from her posts on the education committees in the education and budget committees.

This consequence is the result of a very specific choice by the deputy, the support of the far-right conspiracy movement Qanon. A decision that also involved eleven Republican deputies, who voted together with the Democrats to remove it. Majorie Taylor Greene, an MP from Georgia, had also previously supported the hypothesis that the shootings in US schools were organized by anti-gun lobbies.


On February 4, the sad story that took place on January 25, 2019 in the iron mine in the state of Minas Gerais ended, where 270 people lost their lives.

A catastrophe caused by the collapse of a reservoir of the mine. After several negotiations, the Brazilian mining company agreed to pay more than seven billion dollars in compensation for the Brumadinho dam disaster.

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