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Friday 14 May 2021

Today Mahmood in Catania, Magic School at the Tor Bella Monaca Theater

Mahmood in Catania, Magic School at the Tor Bella Monaca Theater

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Today at the Theater - Rome

  • Metamorphosis. Poetry in motion in Ostia, Teatro del Lido
  • Magic school at the Tor Bella Monaca Theater
  • Cooking on tiptoe at the India Theater
  • Nine hundred by Alessandro Baricco: reading performance by Francesco Bonaccorso at the Trastevere Theater
  • The three tenors: Napul'è opera and ballet arias at the Waldensian Church


  • At the Panassi di Giaveno bookshop at 17 pm there will be a presentation of the book “Twin mode”By Caterina Civallero and Maria Luisa Rossi, published by Uno Editori.
  • At 10.00 am, the meeting to present the children's fiction book will be held in the main hall of the secondary school in Noale. “On the tower, close to the sky”, The work of the writer Gabriella Bosmin.
  • From 11.00 am they are guests of the bookshop Rosa Teruzzi and Letizia Vicidomini, to talk about the latest novel by the Neapolitan author, She was nobody (Homo scrittens).
  • The Hoepli bookshop in Milan hosts Luca Gamberini, author of A hectogram of love (Shall I leave?). Starting at 16.00 Luca Gamberini composes and writes poems expressed for the readers of the Hoepli library.
Mahmood in Catania at the General Markets
Today Mahmood in Catania at the General Markets (photocredit: Facebook)

Today's concerts

  • Mahmood in Catania at the General Markets
  • Vinicio Capossela in Verona at the Roman Theater

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