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Thursday 22 April 2021

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to you who were there when we started,
to you who are here today,
to you who will be there tomorrow,
to you who love a partisan or partisan newspaper but open to the most diverse cultures that can freely express themselves on Moondo,
to you who defend the right to freely express your ideas and all ideas by any means of dissemination because, as stated in our Constitution (art.21), the press cannot be subject to authorizations or censures,
to you who love to read to reflect,
to you who love to write to elaborate an accomplished thought,
to you who follow us all over the world reading and writing in your language,
to you who are our heritage and the engine that drives us to move forward,
to you to whom we dedicate our commitment in defending citizens' rights,

Thank you!

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Moondo is a young publishing reality and does not receive public funding. Our work is supported only by the contribution of the publisher and advertising revenue. Readers are our true wealth.
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