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News and curiosities from the world Maldives: "All you can stay" a package of 30 thousand euros for ...

Maldives: "All you can stay" a package of 30 thousand euros to spend the whole of 2021 in a resort

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Press review from 1st to 6th December

The new proposal to heal the finances in the world of tourism comes from the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, which offers a couple package for only 30 thousand dollars to experience a 2021 in total relaxation.

The resort located about thirty kilometers from the capital Malé offers the package "ALL YOU CAN STAY“, Which is not limited to the much talked about“ All you can eat ”but provides the opportunity to extend, interrupt and resume one's holiday within the resort for the whole of 2021.

A complete package that includes accommodation in one of its splendid sea view bungalows, breakfasts, spa, sports activities, diving, yoga and speedboat in order to reach the capital.

For lunch, dinner and spa treatments it offers a 25% discount, so you can treat yourself to total relaxation after a hard day's work in smart working.

If I were you I would do a little thought!


According to WHO data, the United States is the first country in the world, now since almost the beginning of the pandemic, to find the record for the total number of infections and victims from Coronavirus.

In the last 24 hours the country has registered 218.617 new cases and over a million infections in the first days of December alone.

Brazil comes in second place compared to last week with a total number of daily infections of 50.434. There have been approximately 176.628 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

In third place in the world is India, with 36.652 new cases in 24 hours and a total of 140.182 deaths.

In fourth place is Russia with 28.782 cases per day, a level never higher since the beginning of the pandemic, counting 457 victims in a single day.

Italy in fifth place recorded 24.099 new cases per day with a total of 58.852 victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

In sixth place we find Germany with 23.318 new cases and a total of 18.839 victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

The UK follows with 16.298 new cases per day with a total of 61.111 deaths.

In eighth place we find Ukraine with 13.825 new cases and 13.877 deaths.

In Iran there are 11.561 new cases and 294 victims in the last 24 hours, as announced by the Minister of Health Sima Lori.

In 13.236th place in this heartbreaking ranking is Poland with 19.861 new cases and a total of XNUMX victims since the beginning of the pandemic.


The hearing for the precautionary renewal in Tora prison, in Cairo, of Patrick Zaki, the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna, now imprisoned for 10 months for subversive propaganda, took place in about twenty minutes.

The young man was present in the courtroom, as reported by the lawyer Hoda Nasrallah.

Torture, cruelty and abuse are the order of the day in Tora prison, on the southern outskirts of Cairo, a merciless hell that seems unlikely to abdicate.

In the next few hours we will have more news regarding the decisions taken on the Patrick Zaki case.


On December 5, the French capital suffered damage from the protest. Demonstrations against the safety law have generated strong tensions and discontent, causing chaos on the Parisian streets.

A group of demonstrators set cars on fire and fired firecrackers at law enforcement who responded to the attacks with tear gas.

Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin reported that 67 officers were injured and 95 people were detained.

The demonstration that started from Porte des Lilas ended at Place de la Republique, four long hours of tension that gave rise to damage and fires.

The government's announcement that it wanted to rewrite the text of Article 24 was not enough for the demonstrators, as the square's request was quite clear and decisive: “we want the total withdrawal of the law!”.


Ryanair has signed an order for 75 boeing B-737 MAXs, the first since the total freeze of this aircraft which caused the crash first in Indonesia in October 2108 and then in Ethiopia in March 2019, costing their lives to 346 victims, including passengers and crew.

According to experts, the malfunction of the sensor linked to the electronic mechanism to avoid stalling during the flight was the cause of the two accidents.

Last month the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the current 737 Max is once again safe and ready for takeoff.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Irish company has confirmed the request for another 75 airplanes, in addition to the other 135 requested before the disasters.

"Over the next few years, we will increase to 600 aircraft in our fleet," said Michael O'Leary, the company's chief executive, during the signing ceremony in Washington.


2.783 Azerbaijani soldiers lost their lives in the last recent conflict with Armenia in the breakaway Nagorno Karabakh region.

The conflict started on November 9 and ended after six long weeks.

Defense Minister Baku only communicated his military casualties on December 3, with the dramatic report of 2.300 Armenian soldiers and 50 civilians.

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