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News preview May Day and work: the words of the President of the Republic

May Day and work: the words of the President of the Republic

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“May XNUMXst represents an occasion that affirms the confidence in the future, of those who want to conquer new goals and not of those who assist inert. The republic could not live without work and it will be work that will take the country out of this emergency.

The battle for work is a battle that must join everyone's efforts and this is the ambition of the NRRR. We must recognize the common good and pursue it, we cannot waste the opportunity to take a step forward all together.

A window opens to give way to a growing season, to shelter centuries-old backwardness and gaps still present in the Republic. Equity, social evolution are based on the guarantee of access to work for all. If work grows, the cohesion of our society grows.

Right to work and right to safety at work: there are still too many deaths due to circumvented and violated rules. The impact of the crisis on female employment was particularly heavy, in recent months the situation of female employment has become even more fragile. The growth of female employment is an essential condition for a real restart of Italy. An Italy that still needs new generations of builders today, we appeal to them.

The responsibility of institutions, as is evident, has grown today and is confirmed as decisive for our destiny. The fight against the virus, the defense of health, the gigantic investments planned to give a restart once again recall the highest idea of ​​politics which is service to the good of the community. But to make a leap forward everyone must participate, contribute. I am sure that from so much suffering a conscience was born that prevails over the temptation to indulge or ride the discouragement.

We are going through a narrow and difficult passage. This is why today's feast brings with it an even stronger appeal to unity. This is why today exchanging wishes for a happy May Day is worth more than a significant custom. It reaffirms a bond of community, that pact of citizenship, which makes us feel responsible and in solidarity at the same time, and commits us to hand over to the younger generations the witness of the rights acquired and of the opportunities that are renewed.

Rather than being perceived as an external constraint that limits economic choices and policies, the EU will express its authentic vocation as an important vehicle for innovation and social development if it is able to develop and make systemic the instruments of emergency decisions taken on the thrust of the health crisis. We are proud to have contributed to this turning point and we support its institutions: these are an irreplaceable bulwark of democracy and freedom and any attack from the outside that seeks to weaken it is unacceptable.

Exploitation and violence against immigrant workers, who contribute to the well-being of our community, cannot be tolerated and they cannot be allowed to live in conditions that are not compatible with the dignity of people. Right to work is the right to safety in the workplace. Still too many deaths due to circumvented and violated rules. It is not tolerable ”.

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