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The black sheep Milan: Greek Fusion

Milan: Greek Fusion

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Along the Navigli one Greek ghireria quality may seem like a mirage, but it exists. IS Greek Fusion a "fastaurant" serving Hellenic quality food a bit fast food - with moderate prices and moderate portions ordered at the checkout - a little restaurant for precision, taste and table service.

The offer is wide and includes alternatives for everyone, but pita is the centerpiece, here declined in various combinations, many of which are vegetarian with a choice between traditional Greek, wholemeal and Cypriot; drinks also include Greek beers and wines. For our dinner we started with "revithia", chickpea meatballs, tasty potatoes and onions, crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside, served with a fresh sauce with a strong acidity.

Milan: Greek Fusion
Milan: Greek Fusion (facebook.com)

We continued with the "Greek pita bifteki", stuffed with beef and lamb burger, french fries, fresh tomatoes, onion, green salad and sauces of your choice between tzatziki and house spicy, with fresh bread with a good flavor and filling tasty and well balanced. In closing the kourabiedes, almond biscuits served with Greek yogurt and pistachio grains, not at all cloying even if abundant.

Greek Fusion: environment

The small and minimal room with narrow and very close tables is fresh and bright and recreates the Hellenic environment. The counter is the attraction of the place. It is necessary to support you to order, so you can trick the wait by scrutinizing the preparation of the pite.

Service: quick and gentle. It is not possible to book.

Rating 4/5

Greek Fusion, Via Ripa Ticinese, 15 Navigli - Milan. Telephone 02/39814082

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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