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The black sheep Milan: Cittamani, Indian restaurant

Milan: Cittamani, Indian restaurant

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Pleasant discovery this Indian restaurant wanted and managed by the Indian chef Ritu Dalmia, a pioneer in making known the Italian cuisine in his country. Thanks to the many experiences made around the world, his dishes are a successful mix of different culinary traditions interpreted with a personal and very convincing style.

The menu offers dishes called "assaggi", which can be compared to our appetizers, and unique dishes where vegetables and legumes are the main protagonists, accompanied by meat and fish. In fact, Indian cuisine is naturally vegetarian and is well suited to those with other intolerances or to those who are vegan. As for the drinks list, there is a not very wide selection of wines with non-trivial appearances but with rather high markups, in addition to cocktails and some beers.

After being greeted with good crusty bread served with a delicious yogurt and mint sauce and a mango and pomegranate salad, we tasted poori, a fragrant fried bread with pumpkin cream and fresh cumin on a spicy sauce that was going to balance the sweetness of the vegetable. Excellent beet and carrot rolls dried in sesame crust on yogurt sauce and well-made Bengali rice with eggplant and lotus stalks, with peas and yellow lentils for a balanced and pleasantly spiced result. In closing, a delicious dark chocolate ganache with ginger, pepper and coconut flakes, served with red fruits.

Milan: Cittamani, Indian restaurant
Milan: Cittamani, Indian restaurant (facebook.com)

Cittamani: environment

Rarefied and elegant atmosphere for the two rooms that make up the room. In the first there is the counter where drinks are prepared and a shelf that slides along the windows for a quick stop, maybe for lunch, in the other there are several tables positioned close to comfortable sofas. The neutral color of the walls is enlivened by bronze touches and, beyond the colonial-style chairs, the rest of the furnishings have a modern and well-kept style. Relaxing music and light scent of incense complete the picture.

Service: Young and well-trained staff.

Rating 4,5/5

Cittamani, Piazza Carlo Mirabello, 5 - Milan. Telephone 02/38240935.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Milan"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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