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Sunday 9 May 2021

Today Milan: Living Alzheimer's for ten minutes, an initiative to raise awareness

Milan: Living Alzheimer's for ten minutes, an initiative to raise awareness

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Some concerts today in Italy

  • Irene Grandi Piazza Muraglia Castelforte (Latina)
  • Elodie Di Patrizi Lungomare Caracciolo Naples 
  • Kolors Lungomare Caracciolo Naples 
  • Dandy Warhols Santeria Toscana 31 Milan
  • Fred De Palma La Feltrinelli Salerno from 15 pm
  • Fred De Palma La Feltrinelli Express Naples from 18
  • Ben Dj Bullona Restaurant - Via Piero della Francesca 24 Milan 
  • Marc Ribot Hall of the Giants Padua
  • Roberto Casalino Mondadori Bookstore - Piazza Vanvitelli Naples 
  • Hollis Brown Legend Club Milan
  • Butta Beat Recycled Canapiglie Park - Via delle Cincie Rome 

Other events today in Italy

  • Rooftop in Rome: A Dinner with Alessandro Dal Degan. Six important event dinners with six chefs with a Michelin star selected from the best interpreters of contemporary Italian cuisine.
  • Experience Alzheimer's for ten minutes. This is in summary the experience that visitors will be able to have today, from 10 to 18, in Piazza Tito Minniti di Isola, where on the occasion of the month dedicated to this disease, an initiative aims to raise awareness among the Milanese on the subject of dementia and to make them understand these diseases closely.
Milan: Living Alzheimer's for ten minutes, an initiative to raise awareness
Milan: Living Alzheimer's for ten minutes, an initiative to raise awareness
  • The free concerts of Janiculum in Jazz, in the splendid setting of the Janiculum. Today at 21.45 pm Carlo Conti and Cristiano Mastroianni 6tet take the stage for a jazz concert where tradition and reinterpretation play together.
  • At 21 pm the show is staged on the stage of the Vascello Theater in Rome Romeosini Greek, by and with Moni Ovadia. 
  • After 25 years of honored career, The Dandy Warhols, an American band that exploded in Italy with the single, return to ride the stages Bohemian like you and that has recently reappeared on the scene with the disc Why You So Crazy. THE The dandy warhols they also arrive in concert at Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan this evening.
  • Two Italian appointments with the Hollis Brown: after the stop at the Whishlist in Rome, the band arrives in concert at the Legend Club in Milan on Monday 16 September 2019.
  • Dust off the shoes: the milonga del reopens Biko Club of Milan. This evening from 22.00 in via Ponti the Biko Tango Club Reload returns. The appointment for tangheri or aspiring such provides a selection of music for Tango, Argentine and not, by dj Ausländer.

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