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Leafing through the New York Times New Yorkers take back their city

New Yorkers take back their city

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Dear readers, two words of explanations.

If you read my piece in your late afternoon, you are reading today's newspaper, which I prepare here in New York in my early morning, and forwarding to your 17pm. So it should be "on the air" from your 18pm!

But if you read it the next day, you are obviously reading yesterday's newspaper, until it is replaced by my piece today.

Best wishes, write me if you think it could be improved.

Umberto Bonetti

With mask and sense of relief, New Yorkers take back their city

The only front page article not dedicated to Floyd's death and protests. To celebrate the big day of reopening, everyone tried to do what they missed most during the closure, from going to get a coffee and pastries at the usual bar, to reopen their flower and plant shop, to take the subway absolutely polished. A beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature. After months of wondering if the city will return as before, there were small but reassuring signs that it will. New York will always be New York.


  • As the demonstrators continue the marches, they ask to redefine the police task. Two subtitles with two articles.
  • Biden hesitates to push on cutting the funds. It is one of the proposals that has been circulating in recent days, on which Biden has expressed doubts, saying that "he supports the urgent need for reform" but that he believes that it is more necessary, if anything, to increase funds for the police to improve relations with the community'.
  • Money is seriously considered for public safety. In a sudden change of mind, New York Mayor De Blasio proposes to cut the police budget, as the mayors of Los Angeles had already decided and Minneapolis, to restrict the use of military weapons and force policemen to exercise strict discipline in dealing with the public.
  • Man of great dreams has triggered a movement with his last breath. Houston residents bid farewell to Flyod, one of them, who could have been a brother, father, and son of each of them. Big dreams: as a child, to the classic master's question "what do you want to do when you grow up?" he replied: "I want to touch the world."


  • Brazil hides the virus data. The government has stopped publishing overall data on deaths and infections as numbers rise.
  • Epidemologists are also people. 511 specialists were interviewed by the NYT: when do they think they can fly? Take a trip ? Having a gallant date? Give a hug or hand?
  • Expecting a Blue Georgia. Democrats think this is the right year to conquer Georgia, which has always been a republican state.
  • Reading about racism. Books on the subject have entered the bestseller list, while protests continue across the country.


Giving hope to all of Italy: the Genoa bridge almost completed. This article came back to me long before I started this column. Full page, with great photography, all in a positive way: architecture, security systems, punctuality, respect for the budget. Inaugurated by Conte: "A new light shines, giving hope to all of Italy." And the mayor of Genoa: "We showed everyone that good things can be done in time, in the right way and respecting costs". I put it on now, even if it is old, because it is very rare for the New York Times to speak well of modern Italy. When it comes to us, it is usually because of our political and financial disorder and the mafia. On the positive side, sometimes, but only for food and tourism (NEW YORK TIMES of 30 April, page A 18).

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