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The black sheep Rome: Boccione pastry shop

Rome: Boccione pastry shop

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La Boccione pastry shop it is one of the oldest shops in the Ghetto and is famous, not only for the delights that are baked without interruption, but also for its historic all-female run. Whoever thinks to find showcases with special effects and design furniture here, has definitely gone wrong. It is therefore advisable to put aside waits for sweets drawn with a ruler and compass, decorated with the precision of a fine chiseller and instead focus on the sensorial appeal of the good aromas that affect even the most distracted noses. Just get in line, as good old schoolchildren of the past, and wait for your turn, already thinking about where to direct your choice once you get to the counter.

In fact, the proverbial and proven ability to induce customers to choose, in the moments of greatest turnout even with a few notes of slight impatience, is the winning key to manage the constant influx at almost all times of the day. On the other hand, historical admirers do not hesitate, while tourists and patrons, recalled only by word of mouth and perfumes, hardly leave the spartan shop, without an adequate selection of what is available at the moment.

Rome: Boccione pastry shop
Rome: Boccione pastry shop

Boccione Pastry: the products

The fragrant brioche for breakfast and the rustic biscuits to be drenched in milk are present from the early hours of the morning when the sweet oven opens, as well as the delicious ricotta and black cherry cake, whose recipe, in compliance with the Kosher rules, is strictly handed down by generations. The rustic aspect, with the slightly dark covering pastry, when tasting it amazes and conquers for the perfect balance between the decisive sweetness of the thick pastry, the ricotta whipped like a soft meringue and the black cherry with its known characteristics acid to give character. And then, the ricotta and chocolate tart, which enchants for its lightness and fragrance, together with the jam tarts and, during the typical holidays, traditional desserts (such as the brioche braid with candied fruit and dried fruit).

But for those who don't want to hear about desserts in the afternoon, cartocci with toasted and salted pumpkin seeds - the famous bruscolini - are the perfect cuddle.

Boccione, Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 1 Ghetto - Rome. Telephone 06/6878637

Review taken from “Rome for the Goloso - Le Botteghe"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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