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Rome is gone

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Renzi and Salvini occupied the scene with a mock American confrontation, because the candidates for the US Presidency compete for the votes of the entire electoral audience, while our two heroes have played the leadership of their political area, Renzi against Zingaretti who there was not, Salvini against Berlusconi who was not there, both against Di Maio who was not there and his own past which instead was very present to those who assisted. And that's why almost nobody was able to understand who won the match and especially who lost, because in that ring they were not against each other but, as they say in boxing jargon, both fought against the shadow.

Then there was the Leopolda and Piazza San Giovanni and the government ended up at the corner behind the blackboard scrawled by the economic maneuver. The institutions are falling: the role of Parliament has ended up in the second row, the people would be sovereign, but each one pulls it on its side and not only in Italy. Salvini who has lost the parliamentary majority proclaims that the people follow him. In England Johnson who is unable to pass the Brexit agreement to the Municipalities declares that the people are with him. Even Netanyahu who has renounced to find a majority in the Knesset to form the new government in Israel tries to convince the country that has the support of the people. And what about the Turkish Erdogan !!! Or the Hungarian Premier Orban!

The one who does not invoke the people is the Rays. The people would not be enough for her to get out of trouble, she would need a miracle! In the current confused political phase triggered by the heat stroke contracted on the beach by the leader of the league, the Roman tragedy has lost interest: Roma Capitale has in fact disappeared, disappeared from the political and media landscape with some modest signs of existence in life such as the pale appearance of the Mayor on the TV stage on Sunday In where in response to the accusations of inability renewed by the Northern League player Salvini with a request for resignation, he found the polite courage to reject them to the sender, specifying that they were not acceptable to someone who had always lived in gossip without having ever worked . Very little!

Rome (pixabay.com)

The chronicle of the remains Messenger to remind us and to tell us where we have arrived and where we are headed: while Rome is burning !!! Nerone, amused and joyful, watched the fire from the Domus Aurea which dominated the plain where the Flavians later built the Colosseum. La Raggi looks at the “new stake” from the hamlet of Ottavia where she has chosen to live, hoping to atone on the other side of Monte Mario for the grave fault of having accepted to do what is beyond her strength.

Perhaps, however, the "new fire" will finally be taken over by the Confederal Unions who have apparently returned to the city and the country from a multi-year vacation, to proclaim a general strike in the city in this hot October. Even comrade Landini seems to have returned, in his time in vain invoked as the leader of a different left, the man of the clash with Marchionne, who from the General Secretary of the CGIL has become Mr. Landini and seems to have fallen asleep. It will be a black Friday: the workers of the subsidiaries such as Atac and Acea will cross their arms. Someone considers the strike made by those responsible for the tragedy in the city unreliable who will try to transform themselves from guilty into victims. This time, however, it is unlikely that the people of Rome, also invoked here as support and allies, would be willing to take sides with the strikers: it would have been more appropriate first to run the services, clean the city, restore decorum and then denounce by the strikers. the same operators, the crisis of transport, waste, greenery, potholes, traffic, economic instability, trials and arrests, the dissolution of the district councils, the underworld, crime, the degradation of the villages, unauthorized , etc… .

We will see if the revival of the Syndicate will be credible and proactive and above all if it will be able to find valid interlocutors to get back on top of a capital city in free fall. Or if, on the other hand, the strike will only cause terrifying piles of waste in the streets and sensational traffic jams of private traffic.

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