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Leafing through the New York Times The revival in America attacks the grip of racism

The revival in America attacks the grip of racism

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As always, the New York Times on Sunday is often beautiful. Today 14/06/2020 here are the titles of the eleven issues from which it is composed, with the main news of each and a few words of comment.

  1. 36 pages. The first issue has no specific title, it is the New York Times and is dedicated to news in general. It also includes sport, which has its own file on Mondays. Main news: The revival in America attacks the grip of racismSystematic injustices emerge from boards of directors, classrooms, streets and stadiums.
  2. 10 pages: METROPOLITAN, dedicated to the suburbs of New York. Full-page main news with large photographs: We all agree to maintain the "landing culture". Improvised concerts on the fire escape stairs. Food distribution in front of a church. Friends scattered on the stairs drinking from brandi cans of beer. As the city reopens, New Yorkers feel a little nostalgic for the long-distance connections they had created.
  3. 12 pages: REAL ESTATE / IMMOBILIARIA, dedicated to homeowners, renters, renovators. Main news: building a life on free land. Even today in very sparsely populated areas, such as Alaska and other states, it is possible to have land for free from the government, interested in repopulating certain areas.
  4. 34 pages in reduced format: BOOK REVIEW / BOOK REVIEW. Reviews of all the books released in the week, various rankings.
  5. 8 pages: TECHNOLOGY, new issue, obviously dedicated to technology. On the front page: Innovations everywhere. Indifferent to the epidemic and the unrest, technology continues to transform all aspects of our world.
  6. 12 pages: SUNDAY BUSINESS / BUSINESS AND FINANCE. Main news across the first page: A bar, 12 weeks. 7 lives at stakeStaff at Hatch Tavern in Oakland struggle with the economic and emotional consequences of the coronavirus.
  7. 12 pages: SUNDAY STYLES. Dedicated to fashion, upscale or not. Main news: When black models were the best in ParisRemember a short and complex chapter in the history of fashion.
  8. 10 pages: SUNDAY REVIEW. Dedicated to serious comments, including by well-known political personalities, on the events of the week. Main news: I am a refugee of color. I have to leave the United States to find freedom. She is from Trinidad and Tobago, having been refugees here for many years.
  9. 10 pages: AT HOME. Dedicated to home and family problemsSerious items ( let's have a nice chat about racism) and others for children.
  10. 12 pages: ARTS & LEISURE, arts and pleasures, dedicated to everything that can be considered art, entertainment and culture in general. In normal times pages and pages on cinema, theater, light and classical concerts. Main article "Black artists, white stages, with stories and interviews with great theater figures".
  11. 62 pages; NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, format and content typical of the weeklies. The main article dedicated to the path to a coronavirus cure.

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