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Leafing through the New York Times The New York Times on Sunday

The New York Times on Sunday

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Consisting of ten issues. Here are the headlines and the main news of each.

  • 1/36 pages. It has no particular title, it is The New York Times, dedicated to international and domestic news. It also includes sport which has its own specific file on Mondays. Main news: PUBLIC MINISTRY LICENSED BY THE PRESIDENT AFTER RESISTANCEThe prosecuting attorney, Geoffrey Berman, who was investigating Trump's allies had refused to resign. In the past years he had investigated and accused various "friends" of Trump, including Michael Cohen, who was then sentenced to three years, who was considered his "fixer", that is, the one who fixed the problems he was making. He was now investigating Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor now Trump's personal attorney.
  • 2/10 pages. Title: AT HOME, HOW WE LIVE NOW. Main news that occupies the entire first page, under a drawing of a girl eating an ice cream: We immerse ourselves in a life of pleasurewe hear jazz, we think of a little visited park for our holidays, we meditate, we walk having a nice chat.
  • 3/12 pages. Title: IMMOBILIARIA. Main news, also full page here: IS HUDSON YARDS TOO BIG TO FAIL? It is the last building complex in Manhattan: residential and office skyscrapers, luxury shops, restaurants, bars, works of art, and above all the tallest terrace in the western world with a glass floor. All deserted now of course, but with a good chance of relaunching.
  • 3/8 pages. Title: METROPOLITAN, dedicated to the out of town. Main news: WITH THE PEOPLE AT HOME, A PUZZLE IS GOOD FOR USA modest boutique born in the thirties is expanding. His cheapest offer: about $ 900.
  • 4/10 pages. Title: PRIDE, translated would be pride, but it is also used in Italian to refer positively to the world of sexually different people. Main News:On the XNUMXth anniversary of the Pride march, members of the LGBTQ community reflect on the past, present and future and what Pride means in these troubled times.
  • 5/14 pages. Title: SUNDAY STYLES. Main News: WHAT IS FREEDOM? The anniversary of the elimination of slavery (1865) is an invitation to build the world in which we want to live. The author of the article concludes thus: "For me the anniversary matters, because it tells us: Come on, the future we want is coming".
  • 6/12 pages. Title: BUSINESS SUNDAY. Main news: AN INCREASE IN WORKERS COULD BE A VICTORY FOR EVERYONE. Higher wages have improved service and productivity in the retirement home and supermarkets.
  • 7/10 pages. Sunday magazine. Main news: THE MURDER OF GEORGE FLOYD BROUGHT MY SON'S CHILDHOOD TO A BRUSH END. Growing too fast amid protests and police revolver.
  • 8/19 pages. Book magazine. Review and rankings of the books published in the week and important books previously released but not reviewed
  • 9/54 pages. THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. Magazine format. Cover title: “The message is clear: politics in America must change".
  • 10/18 pages. Title: ARTS AND PLEASURES. Dedicated to all types of shows and culture. Main news: SOURCES OF SELF ESTIMATE. A group of black photographers talk about the photos that best represent them now. With 6 pages complete with photographs.  

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