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Leafing through the New York Times Trump: "dark shadows" behind the disorder

Trump: "dark shadows" behind the disorder

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-      The president visits a tense Kenosha to support the police. He claims that there are "dark shadows" behind the disorder. Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the city where a few days ago a policeman shot 7 times in the back of a black man, Jacob Blake, who was returning to his car, sparking protest marches, riots and destruction. Trump hasn't even mentioned it, neither he nor his family (perhaps he had forgotten the name as it has happened before or perhaps he doesn't know that there are also things like compassion or empathy), but he only made the defense of the police. He said: “It's a dangerous job. But I have to tell the police this: the people of our country love you ”.

-       Without aid, failures threaten Main Street. The second wave of the virus in the fall could be felt for years. There may be a number of small shop failures (those that form the "main streets" of all cities and towns) if there is not another government intervention. Tens of thousands of bars, restaurants and various shops have already closed, but many have survived only with the help of the government. Now that aid is running out, the probable closure of many "small" ones will give more and more space and strength to large companies and their chain stores.

-      New York delays the opening of schools after a clash with the unions. Classes will start on September 21st instead of September 10th with many limitations and options due to the virus. It is the only one of the large school districts to reopen in an almost normal way, many others have opted for teaching only online or for a mixture of classrooms and online.

-      The failed promise to fight domestic terrorism. The country's security ministry, created after the 2001 two-tower attack to defend the country from foreign terrorism, began a year ago an effort to combat domestic terrorism, fueled by far-right groups and clashes between demonstrators and anti-demonstrators. But he remained hidden in the bureaucracy and divisions of opinion at a high political level. However, a group within the ministry seems to be doing the opposite: instead of helping local authorities, they joined Trump in attacking mayors and governors and in deploying national troops against the advice of local authorities. Documents published last year point to white supremacists / fascists as the main cause, but do not overlook the danger emanating from Antifa, a loosely organized anti-fascist movement.

-      Home in the wilderness until the fury of the fire took him. Even for Last Chance, a mini-village in California of a hundred houses where locals saw their own wood and grow their own food, Tad Jones was particularly ascetic. He did not have and did not want to have either light or water. He had taken a vow of silence for decades, he knew all about nature and its secrets. If there was anyone who could save himself from a fire even out of control it was him. Yet no. The fire caught him while he was trying to escape in an old pickup truck and took it away. 


-      The return of the jaguars. Environmental activists have returned large predators to the wilds of Argentina to restore the entire ecosystem. But it is not easy.

-      What must not be named. Putin has not publicly muttered the name of his main opponent in more than 20 years.

-      Profit or service? Amtrak addresses a family problem. Leaders of Amtrak (New York's public transportation company) debate whether to act as a "for profit business" or as a government subsidized entity.

-      Falsehood about democratic cities. Trump blames Democratic mayors for many things, giving them powers they don't have.

-      The serenity now in liquidation. The stress caused by the epidemic has led to a super-sale of products for the head (apps, medicines, potions, and tinctures).

-      Coming soon. Or maybe not. How do you plan a theater season in the year of the coronavirus? "Our contingency plans also have contingency plans," an art director said.

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