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Wednesday 21 April 2021

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Support for living artists is an urgent problem to be addressed in our country. Of what they accomplish in this epoch-making moment, it will be essential to keep their memory. But it is known that in Italy there is not and there will not be a serious and structured program for the contemporary, we celebrate ourselves by remembering how great it was done by forgetting the present even before it manifested itself.

Starting from the artists, from those who every day cannot escape the visceral drive to tell themselves, their own time which, decoded and structured, becomes universal, analysis and deepening of the here and now. At each appointment the focus on an artist, set on a fixed scheme: ARTIST-WORK-TECHNIQUE. The goal is to bring the reader of his daily life into the contemporary, involving him in the fruition of the work itself, as in a virtual gallery, accompanying him, with a simple language, in a sector that is often self-referential, resulting distant and only for employees in works.