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News and curiosities from the world United States: the Senate acquits Donald Trump of impeachment charges

United States: Senate acquits Donald Trump of impeachment charges

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Press review of the week from 8 to 14 February

The data is drawn and the verdict establishes his acquittal.

After a five-day trial, Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate, with 57 votes in favor and 43 against. The 67 votes needed to condemn the former US president "for inciting insurrection" have not been reached after the attack on Congress on January 6.

50 Democratic and 7 Republican senators voted in favor of the sentence, a historic event that had never happened in previous impeachment trials that senators voted in favor of the conviction of a former president.

A trial with the result already taken for granted given the clarifications in recent days by the republican senators who had rejected the accusation's thesis.

The position claimed by Donald Trump's lawyers and his supporters was based on the thesis that impeachment is an institution that serves to remove an incumbent public official, an unconstitutional issue given Trump's current position.

Exclusive images were shown by the prosecution during the third day in the Senate, shocking images of what happened on January 6 in Congress that blames former President Donald Trump as the instigator of the protest. Unjustified behavior by the members of the Grand Old Party themselves.

"Fighting like in hell”These are the words that Trump used to warm up the crowd of supporters during the rally held in front of the Capitol.

A harsh attack on democracy unpunished by the political calculation of the Republicans who still believe the figure of Trump is too strong and popular. His condemnation would have been an alignment against his supporters and a dangerous exposure to possible revenge.


A long thirty-three-day mishap struck two men and a woman of Cuban origin, who most likely had left the Cuban coasts in search of freedom for Florida.

A trip interrupted by a sudden ditching, which saw their boat capsize and by chance they find themselves near the coasts of an uninhabited atoll in the Bahamas, Anguilla Cay.

Five weeks of survival that saw the shipwrecked desperate in search of food, between coconuts and rats. A nightmare ended thanks to the arrival of the American Coast Guard, who during a routine mission in the Florida Keys was attracted by makeshift flags and a large cross drawn in the sand.

Helicopter pilot Mike Allert told Miami TV station WPLG that he saw something strange from above that prompted him to turn back to Anguilla Cay. While waiting for relief from the ground, the pilot provided by throwing water, food and a radio from the helicopter.

A sad episode that happily ended the following day with the recovery of the three castaways.


A Valentine's Day of love and sweet expectations for the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.

The black and white photo depicting the two lovers lying in the garden in their new home in Santa Barbara, barefoot and with her hands on her growing belly, became popular on social media on February 14, Valentine's Day.

A news confirmed immediately after the publication of the shots by their spokesman at the BBC: "We can confirm that Archie will be an older brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to be expecting their second child".

A wonderful news that comes after Meghan Markle's sad revelation, last July, of a miscarriage, which had caused her unbearable pain, as reported by the New York Times in an interview on November 25th.

Queen Elizabeth II will soon receive her fifth great-granddaughter.


According to the latest WHO data, 410.876 were newly infected.

The United States is still the nation with the largest daily increase (over 101 thousand cases), followed by Brazil (over 54 thousand) and France (over 20 thousand).

In fourth place among the countries with the most infections in 24 hours is the United Kingdom: 15.144.

The fifth country that recorded the highest number of infected in 24 hours, according to WHO data of February 13, is Russia: 14.861.

In sixth place among the countries with the most cases registered in 24 hours is Italy: 13.893, according to the latest WHO update. There are 2.710.819 cases in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic and 93.356 deaths.

In seventh place among the countries with the most cases recorded in 24 hours is India: 12.143, the second country in the world for the number of total infections (after the USA) and the fourth for the number of deaths (after the USA, Brazil and Mexico). Cases in India since the beginning of the pandemic are 10.904.940 and 155.642 deaths.

According to WHO data, in eighth place, there is Mexico: 10.677 newly infected and in ninth place there is Indonesia: 9.869 cases per day.

The tenth country that has registered the highest number of infected in 24 hours is the Czech Republic: 8.883 new cases.


On 11 February, the Beijing government, the authority for radio and television, took the decision to revoke the license of the British broadcaster BBC World News, the international channel of British public broadcasting, considered among the best and most impartial in the world. . The government agency accuses TV broadcasts of transmitting content that does not comply with the directives in force in the country, spreading incorrect news that can damage national interests and undermine national unity.

Beijing also disputes the dissemination of some news on the covid-19 pandemic and on the investigation of the British broadcaster into the rapes suffered by numerous Uyghur women in Xinjiang. Women who have been imprisoned in re-education and mass detention camps for a long time. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab denounced an "unacceptable attack on press freedom" and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, promptly contacted Chinese President XI, renewing the accusations against human rights violations and against unprecedented censorship in against the free press.

United States

In January 2019, former President Donald Trump had proclaimed a state of emergency on the southern border of the country, a strategy adopted by the former president to be able to take advantage of the Pentagon's money without going through Congress for the benefit of the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

On February 11, incumbent President Joe Biden officially stopped funding, putting an end to inequality.

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