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Uncomfortable diary What's the point in condemning a mayor for doing his duty?

What's the point in condemning a mayor for doing his duty?

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Mayor Sala convicted of acting "for good"

Everything is expected from the judiciary. It seems that they do it on purpose to attract criticism and antipathy. The first citizen of Milan was sentenced to six months' imprisonment, commuted to a € 45 thousand fine, for forgery, that is, for contravening the law, but for a good purpose. It is written precisely in the sentence. So why get his criminal record dirty if he is acknowledged not to have acted for appropriating taxpayer money or for personal interest? However many reforms have been made, there is not one that has solved the problems of justice.

Giuseppe Sala Mayor of Milan
Giuseppe Sala Mayor of Milan

If not, why would social platforms be free?

As much as optimists can make an effort to find a positive aspect of FB, they have so far failed. It is used by those who control us to know our tastes, habits and political trends. It is a pastime for those who don't know what else to do. An outlet for the frustrated. A resource for pedophiles who attract unwary minors. Now also a source of income for those who delude lonely hearts. This is not the place to meet friendship, let alone love. Age, qualifications and employment can be falsified. It gives the opportunity to those who are not worthy of looking better. Fools are the most sought after prey.

Thank you, Putin, come to visit us more often

For a few hours the garbage that submerges Rome has disappeared in the streets traveled by the Russian President's procession. However, the efficiency of the ceremony did not succeed in neutralizing the disconcerting odors that the overflowing bins emanate. The air conditioning, the sealed windows of the buildings and the profuse deodorant prevented the august guest from perceiving the state of putrefaction that dominates the capital. As soon as the state visit ended, the trash reappeared. If we used to create the same ability to camouflage shame, we would be a great people.

Too bad there is no Nobel Prize for spite and disobedience

Someone would like the Norwegian Parliament to assign that of Peace to Carola. There are those who want to be raped by one or more stout niggers who have to take them around the Mediterranean and those who point to her as an example of civil behavior. Who sees in her the heroine of today and who the criminal who should rot in prison. Here, in this episode, Italy of the third millennium. There is no middle ground or objective vision. Because everything is seen through the lens of politics. We therefore have a very personal concept of justice, morals and even faith.

An aristocrat with a lot of "von" who certifies its nobility

Finally a woman at the helm of the European Commission, moreover of high lineage. Now everyone at attention in a suit and tie. Someone will beat their heels. We go back in time, as with Benedict XVI at the Vatican. German is spoken and the rules are not discussed. Enough of the drunkards and the French-speaking bureaucrats with whom he constantly fought. They put us in 7 conduct, but in truth never in punishment. In the end they turned a blind eye and we were promoted. Good people too. We will end up regretting them. After all, we are Mediterranean relatives. These, however, are outsiders.

New "glories" of Italy around the world: Fognini

After threatening the Swedish referee in Shanghai, given a slut to a line judge at the Flushing Meadow and the shitty gypsy to the Serbian who was beating him in Hamburg, Fabio Fognini also sent his father to that country who was trying to mitigate his vulgarity. If he is losing, he throws balls in the face of the ball boys and shows the middle finger to the audience. In Wimbledon he even invoked the curse on the field. Then he apologizes to everyone, like a good boy. It seems that whining and insulting is a superstition that brings him good. So he became the number 10 in world tennis.

Fabio Fognini
Fabio Fognini

We, naive, applaud believing them to be Italian

Any champion - mostly a champion - to evade the tax authorities and rob his fellow citizens who go into raptures for him, asks for and obtains the Monegasque residence. Just stay six months a year in the principality of Monaco to avoid paying taxes. It is neither fair nor moral. It is a way to attract new rich. In a now globalized society, if money is not needed in the internal budget, a minimal income tax could serve the troubled community more than the billionaires. France did not join, for not having a tax haven at home. Italy, on the other hand, tolerates it a stone's throw from home.

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