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Recommended A Christmas menu dedicated to health and the taste of oils ...

A Christmas menu dedicated to the health and taste of Italian extra virgin olive oils

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Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent companion for parties and is a fantastic gift, satisfying for the palate, healthy and full of history, what more do you want in these days of carefree and family company?
I, to honor my work and all the producers who support the olive production chain with sincere and high quality products, I created this menu by harmonizing fantastic extra virgin olive oils to the different dishes, it might seem exaggerated to use various oils for different dishes, instead it is the right one attention to enhance raw materials and live authentic emotions.
Each dish has its oil.
Only by enhancing the cultivars and their hints and understanding the functions of extra virgin olive oil can we strengthen our supply chain.

First the dinner and then the recipes ...


Appetizer: Creamed cod with carasau bread

We start with a bottle of cold extra dry prosecco at the right point and toast around a plate with cod creamed with Itrana extra virgin olive oil and carasau bread, where breaking the bread and spreading the cod becomes a convivial gesture.
The oil is Villa Pontina, Lazio, which gives hints of tomato, aromatic herbs and green apple to the delicacy of cod, all is reset by the sweetness of prosecco.
In this case the oil was a binder for whipping the cod and a sauce for the dish.

Appetizer: Trio of bruschetta

The appetizer must make us experience hidden emotions as only oil can do, three bruschetta with various seed bread; the first slice of warm bread with some fresh and abundant leaves of marjoram Grossa di Cassano (Az. Agr. Doria, Calabria) with hints of tomato, herbaceous, which gives us a feeling of real bruschetta with tomato.
The second slice of warm bread with fine pecorino flakes, black pepper and lots of extra virgin olive oil Grossa (Az. La Selvotta, Abruzzo) with hints of fresh fava beans. To you served broad beans and pecorino.
The third hot bruschetta with fresh "rubbed" parmesan on the rough bread, black pepper and lots of Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil (Fonte di Foiano, Tuscany) with hints of fresh walnut.
In this case the oil was an important seasoning.
I challenge anyone not to relive past emotions.

First course: Spaghetti with pumpkin and octopus
I particularly like this dish, I love raw vegetables and I like to mix them in recipes and therefore I made spaghetti alla chitarra with pumpkin, fried octopus and bread crumbs. Pumpkin cut into spaghetti the same size as spaghetti that are mixed in the dish with the only difference in colors, mixed with crispy breadcrumbs flavored with octopus, all combined with lots of Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil (Titone, Sicily), an explosion of flavors , tomato, herbs, bread crust.
In this case the oil was a technical means for frying and browning the bread and the octopus and as a seasoning to flavor everything.

Second: Salmon steak with crunchy vegetables
Here we play with the textures: salmon steak with crispy skin surrounded by broccoli, cauliflower and freshly boiled green beans, almost raw, we contrast the fatness of the salmon with the vegetality of the vegetables, distant flavors linked by an extra virgin oil that already promises emotions from the name , The dream of Pinzimonio (Giacomo Grassi, Tuscany) with strong and persistent vegetal hints.
In this case, oil was a technical means of frying fish skin and as a condiment for flavoring vegetables.

Dessert: Chocolate bread and oil
At Christmas we are bombarded with sweets, panettone, nougats, pandori and dried fruit.
It seemed an exaggeration to make complex sweets and therefore I warm up some carasau bread, grater of white chocolate and add a lot of Mignola (Colle Nobile, Marche) hints of berries, a sweet to get your fingers dirty.
Happy holidays and good extra virgin olive oil.


Baccalà creamed with Itrana Villa Pontina

1. 1 kg of cod (soaked for 24 hours in cold water).
2. Monocultivar Itrana extra virgin olive oil to taste.
3. 300 milliliters of milk.
4. 1 clove of garlic.
5. salt
6. pink pepper to taste
7. Carasau bread
Preparation :
Cut the cod into equal parts, place them in a saucepan, cover with cold water mixed with milk, add the garlic and bring to a boil, then lower the heat to low and cook for 20 minutes.
Drain the cod keeping aside some of the cooking liquid, clean it well and chop with your hands in a fairly large bowl and let it cool.
Once cold season with salt, add a little pink pepper and mix initially with a wooden spoon and then with a medium size whisk adding the extra virgin olive oil (about 400ml): here the oil serves both as a binder and as a enhancer of flavor.
The creaminess can be corrected with a minimal part of the cooking liquid.
"Mount" up to the desired consistency.
The choice of extra virgin olive oil is targeted to give the dish the characteristic hints of this oil, in our case an Itrana, hints of tomato, tomato leaves and green apple with a delicate bitter and spicy taste.
Serve in a bowl with lots of carasau bread around it, pink pepper and a drizzle of oil.

Spaghetti alla chitarra with pumpkin spaghetti, fried baby octopus and bread crumbs

1. 1kg of cleaned octopus
2. 300gr of pumpkin
3. 300gr of stale bread
4. 500gr of spaghetti on the guitar
5. Parsley
6. Two cloves of garlic
7. Laurel
8. Coratina Oro di Rufolo extra virgin olive oil
Preparation: In a large pan add extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic, two bay leaves and, in hot oil, the cleaned octopus. The oil in this case is a technical means that will allow us to brown the octopus. When the octopus are well cooked, blend them with a little wine and cook them until the wine evaporates, remove them from the pan and keep them aside. In the same pan add oil and brown the stale bread that we have coarsely grated, making it flavored with the cooking oil of the octopus.
Cook the pasta in abundant salted water and at the last minute of cooking add the pumpkin cut into spaghetti and drain. Combine everything in the pan and mix quickly. Serve with a sprinkling of parsley and a round of IGP Toscano Fonte di Foiano extra virgin olive oil which will give the dish hints of almond and spices.

Salmon steaks with crunchy vegetables

1. 5 equally sized salmon steaks
2. 400gr of washed and cleaned green beans
3. 300gr of washed and cleaned cauliflowers
4. 300gr of washed and cleaned broccoli
5. Extra virgin olive oil
Boil the beans for 5 minutes, add the cauliflower and broccoli cut into "alberello" and cook for another 5 minutes, drain and cool the vegetables.
In a very hot non-stick pan, place the salmon steaks on the skin, taking care to brush them with a little extra virgin olive oil, cook until the skin becomes crisp and the meat turns pink lighter, do not cook too much.
Serve the salmon centrally on the plate with the vegetables around it, season with Il Sogno del Pinzimonio, black pepper and very little salt.

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