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Restless heart A book not to be missed: "Nothing you suffer will be lost"

A book not to be missed: "Nothing you suffer will be lost"

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A book not to be missed. The title can be frightening "Nothing that you suffer will be lost" and the subtitle can seem mysterious: "Mystic of everyday life" Ed. Sonzogno. Reading it looks like a funny book: the style is light even if the topics covered are serious like pain, illness, difficulties of family life and so on. It is the style of Costanza Miriano that came to the fore a few years ago with the book “Marry and be submissive”. A title that shocked the minds of those who had not read it because the submission that Constance practices and intends is similar to that of a whirlwind that is subjected to the force of gravity ...

But returning to the mysticism of the book it must be said that it is true mysticism. He even recalls St. John of the Cross, the mystic among the mystics, who emphasized the happiness-pain connection typical of Christianity. Costanza explains. "Christians do not like to suffer: they are people who love Him, and for this reason they are willing to take the cross, even if at times they do not understand it."

Nothing you suffer will be lost
Nothing you suffer will be lost

Constance proceeds by chance, I would say by the facts of her friends, starting with the personal difficulties she encounters in daily life and is a specialist in bringing them back to the mystical relationship with Jesus. That's right. We who are mixed up with sociologism and intellectualism run the risk of losing sight of living contact with a God who comes to visit us to establish good relations. Unique characteristic of Christianity, which we tend to forget. Jesus came to us, he understood us and suffered more than us. What does it mean?

The answer is a mystery: a true mystery, however, which solves the knot of suffering and death. Only Jesus gives this solution. And it is up to us to understand that God wants to be looked at, he wants a direct relationship, he wants us to believe in prayer, that he welcomes the clear stances that faith presupposes.

And so the mystic in a skirt, sportswoman (if she doesn't run, she succumbs), mother of four children, RAI journalist offers us a book that has no equal in circulation. Of course there is no lack of devotional manuals that help to pray in this vale of tears, but Constance tells us about real life, the one we spend in the car, at work and at home with all the real setbacks.

I would say that it is a book that helps to be happy and it does not seem like little to me.

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