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Diary of a quarantine A break to understand more

A break to understand more

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Di Paola D'Agosto

We find ourselves closed in a bubble that seems indestructible, insurmountable. The future has changed suddenly; the virus has turned our lives upside down, changing plans, projects, but it has brought us the most important thing that perhaps was beginning to lack in our society: solidarity, union for one goal: to win this battle but for the first time everyone united, even if only virtually.

It seems that for the first time the distances of nationality, sex, ethnicity, ideology have ceased to exist to save us and demonstrate that not even an invisible and deadly virus can defeat us until we are united. Alone you go faster, but together you are stronger, and that is what we must be to defeat something that we do not know and do not see.

In this period we think about what we would like to do when everything has passed: just take back your freedom, a freedom that seemed obvious to us but that after this quarantine, this period, we will appreciate more and consider it as an immense good to be protected at the cost of anything.

I initially wanted the return of the old normality, but now I understand that that normality will never return and we will have to rebuild a new one, with a greater awareness of who we are and what we would like to become, since I believe that this quarantine has helped us to reflect about ourselves, questioning everything and doing self-analysis; which we generally do not do because they are too drawn into the frenzy of everyday life that never leads us to reflect and question ourselves.

This period, even if bad, has helped us to understand each other better and to make us better, to transform our mistakes into experiences of growth. The thing I miss most is a walk by the sea, with the wind blowing your hair and giving you a sense of freedom, carefree; the water that wets your feet, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks In the end what I would like to do is to leave the house savoring life, grasping its essence, appreciating it to the end.

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