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Network A chorus of promises awaiting projects and reforms

A chorus of promises awaiting projects and reforms

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Something, in words, moves in the action of government. The Prime Minister intends to put the stakes on the so-called "citizenship income", for pensions at "quota 100" announces that the provision will not be renewed from 2022, he adds that on the use of European funds (209 billion euros already theoretically assigned ) Italy's credibility is at stake and so on on the reassuring wave of a formal electoral success of the 5Stelle-Pd coalition.

Everything, in words, is fine. But, after words, deeds are expected, and here the path becomes difficult.

Let's take the situation in the school. After so many announcements about trumpeted futuristic equipment, thousands of students are forced to follow the lessons sitting on the ground, without desks and without chairs. Tens of thousands of professorships are waiting to be filled by holders and alternates. There were 5-6 months to provide, the Minister of Education and the administration headed by it were unable to provide before the schools reopened. It's a shame, there's no need to hide it. 

Astounding hypotheses are circulating for the use of European funds, while the EU is calling for effective projects in the short term, in the middle of the upcoming month of October. On the recovery fund, an underground game is being played with no holds barred, since, if the appetite comes with eating, it is on the management of the kitchen and the table that we must agree and the purposes do not coincide, starting with the things to be achieved. The clash begins between the central administration and the local authorities (regions and municipalities), rears between government and parliament, smoldering under the ashes of the ruling coalition, will explode between majority and opposition. Who will have control over what exponents of the 5Stelle have called "the booty" with impunity? Who will check the purse strings? Rich dish I stick with it!

Meanwhile, on a possible objective, that of the Mes with its approximately 37 billion euros ready to be collected, as a zero-interest loan, to be used to support and improve the health system, the ideological dispute continues, more hypocritical than cloying, between those who would like take them and who not. Thus, while the COVID pandemic reappears with force, the protagonists of poor Italian politics face each other crosswise between government and opposition, creating a disheartening spectacle.

In this not so exciting picture, there is only one certainty: no one wants to go home early, in spite of the reduction in the number of parliamentarians sanctioned by the latest referendum. Neither those of the League who also voted "yes", nor those of 5Stelle who have attributed their success, and even those of the Democratic Party who joined the winners' wagon at the last moment, explaining that it would have represented the beginning of a great season of reforms starting with the electoral law.

While waiting for the next move anticipated by the Hon. Di Maio, namely the reduction of the parliamentary allowance, despite the ostentatious "honesty, honesty" the president of INPS, imposed by his movement, has seen an increase in annual compensation. In this case, it must be honestly said that it does not strike against the monetary measure itself but the "principle" that its proponents blatantly trample.

While waiting for all or part of the proclaimed commitments and announced reforms to be made credible on a factual level, the problem remains of the assembly that will have to elect the next president of the republic. If it is true that the law that reduced the number of parliamentarians provides that the cut will start from the next legislature, it is equally indisputable that the popular referendum (the vaunted "people") has shown an opposite orientation.

The illustrious constitutionalists who competed to pontificate in the previous referendum which concerned a more comprehensive and reasoned constitutional reform, maintain an embarrassing silence, as if they had realized that the child was thrown away with the bathwater. Perhaps, it will only be touched by the child!

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