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A desperate country

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The fifty years of the first Republic had been characterized by a political debate mostly with a predictable result, but still political: the prevalence of Catholics was overwhelming and the thrust of the Socialists stopped in front of the monolith of the Christian Democrats. It was a politically blocked country because the real opposition, the communist one, had no possibility, for international reasons, of coming to power and had to be satisfied with the management of local bodies such as Regions and Municipalities of central Italy. And it was, despite terrorism, a happy era, an era of certainties in which the country had truly gone beyond fascism, beyond blind faith in the Chief, in the conviction of an equal participation in democracy.

Then there was the fall of the Berlin Wall, the liquefaction of communism and in the end Tangentopoli canceled not only the parties, but an entire political class, because the judiciary discovered that there was a black round of money that financed the policy: false discovery because everyone always knew that even before and even after then, the system, the whole system, had these rules.

The second Republic was born under the banner of bipartisanism: capital against labor, entrepreneurs against workers and peasants, with the middle class acting as arbiter or rather to oscillate between the two sides periodically. Twenty years of Berlusconi, half of which managed by the right and half by the left. Those were the years of illusion with well-being at hand, with the individual hope of a wealth that did not come and the collective disappointment of the state, or rather of the community, which was in debt that was no longer able to restore the budget. In these twenty years, trust in the Boss began again, in the man of destiny, the demiurge to whom to entrust his own future and that of his children.

This time, however, instead of the collapse of a wall, the system was overwhelmed by the collapse of the spread, that is, the cash vacuum and reform ideas. Politics surrendered: a troop of technocrats accredited in Brussels replaced the political class and found a way to make the Italians pay the debts contracted by the governments. Thus ended the second Republic.

The current third republican phase is the result of the end of illusions, not in search of dialoguing and fighting politics, not of guiding ideas, not of salvific reforms, but of revenge and grudges. Those who judge these years in decades will not be able to help but laugh or cry when they discover that a comedian has thrown up the existing system by dint of insults and complaints against everyone and everything. The comedian managed to take over a third of Parliament and many territorial realities, entrusting the management to a troop of incompetent people who came out of nowhere without any experience and without any specific culture. The shouted purpose was to restore power to the people with digital democracy, but the real aspiration was to destroy the state and the system, its institutions and what little political class, poor residue of the first republic and rich leftover of the second. .

Rancor and revenge in a desperate country have produced millions of votes. The people had the blood they wanted to see flow: the pensions of former parliamentarians were cut, the number of elected representatives was reduced, the statute of limitations was abolished, public money distributed to those who did not work and especially to those who did not want to work, revocation of the agreements between State and private, public works stopped with construction sites closed, etc., etc. And in the end the mortification of the Parliament where it was not possible, among almost 1000 elected members, to find one capable of being Prime Minister and to do so was called an obscure professor of the University of Florence competent in private law, who was permanently and unjustly insulted by the opposition because it lacks the popular investiture of any election.

The situation that would have led to the definitive collapse at the end of the legislature encountered the deus ex machine in a virus of oriental origin responsible for one of the most serious pandemics in world history that threw the comedian's plan up in the air. Another Demiurge was needed, not elected by the people, and the Government of the Optimates of Platonic memory. Only a desperate country, in just over two years it could first resort to five stars and then their opposite!

Draghi is certainly a banker of great value: an extraordinary career in secular institutions for a boy raised by the Jesuits and then among universities, international banks, the Treasury, the Bank of Italy, the European Central Bank, or rather between Boston, Goldman Sachs, Banca world, Rome, Frankfurt and Brussels. The press credits him as a great Italian appreciated and respected all over the world who counts: will he be able to govern in the merciless storm of low Italian politics? Today he is the man of destiny, the winning card of the President of the Republic. It had the favor of 71% of Italians from the polls and an apparently almost Bulgarian consensus from political forces, the big press, social media and also from trade unions, industrialists, trade associations. Today. Tomorrow, when the moment of choices comes, it is very difficult to think that the pre-existing conflicts, statute of limitations, immigration, mes, etc., will not return to prevail and to ask for a return to the polls again. Perhaps even for the Draghi Government it would be better, according to the rules of democracy, that a frank and more consistent opposition immediately emerged: from a government crisis abhorred by most, unwanted and badly managed with everyone against everyone, it is incredible to pass to almost political unanimity without the basis of a program.

Someone remembers the Bulgarian consensus of the Parri government in 1945, when, however, we came out of the terrible war and all the parties, in the fight against fascism, found themselves united in the National Liberation Committee chaired by Parri himself. However, it is worth remembering that that government lasted less than six months!

Best wishes President Draghi, may God send it good and windless, the wind of the dreaded turncoats.

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