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Sunday 9 May 2021

Diary of a quarantine A life rediscovered

A life rediscovered

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Di Rose Of Spirit

After spending weeks glued to a TV, I got to the point of wondering if there is still a life. I don't mean a reckless life or a romantic comedy, but simply a life beyond the walls of the house and in contact with other human beings. I got to the point of scrolling on the gallery of my cell phone and thinking: "how strange it was to be able to go out". I spend my days wondering when it will finally be possible to return to reality, every day that passes seems to me to be increasingly distant from the fateful goal. But then I come back to myself and I understand that it cannot continue forever.

During this quarantine I have reflected particularly on myself, on life, on the passage of time and especially on the best way in which it should be spent. I understood what is really important to me. Often we fail to appreciate what we have until it is taken away from us, we spend our days unaware of the importance of every minimum action. Everything that could have been my routine has now been swept away and all those small and insignificant gestures that I did in an almost mechanical way now I find myself regretting them with so much bitterness. I learned to appreciate all those little things, those details that I didn't even realize before, but that now seem so indispensable in my life.

A myriad of thoughts flow through my mind, they get confused and trample on each other. I would like to do many of those things, I have many ideas, many projects in mind. However, if I think about what I will do as soon as I can leave the house, I do not know clearly what I would choose: I could go down to find my dear grandmother, who has long been waiting to have a coffee in my company, or maybe find myself with my friends in our place hidden in the streets of the village and finally laughing together again or taking a long walk and feeling the rays of the sun on my skin or maybe a drop of rain on my face.

I don't know what I will really do, but I know for sure that I will leave the house that day and observe what I have in front of me in a different way. I will give the right attention to everything and I will enjoy every minute of it. That day I will turn off the phone, and for the first time I will not be interested in comparing my life with that of others, but I will think of living it and capturing its wonder.

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