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A look

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Di Alessia Di Spirito

May 4th at 10:00
I wake up elated, the long awaited day has arrived!
I sit on the bed, take the phone, the first person I call is my mom, very happy I ask her to go to our grandchildren. For the first time in two months he finally says yes!

A lot of notifications come on my phone about the end of the lockdown, crazy people who lose control, for too much freedom, and I who can't lift my smile from my face to finally see my little ones ... For a whole afternoon it seems to be back everything as before, for a moment I forget the tragic situation that has swept us over these two months, the streets are full of people, the traffic seems to resume its incessant rhythm, through the masks they all seem happy, with the only difference being that smiling this time it's just the eyes ..

From the window I enjoy the show, the colors are different, spring has arrived, I listen to its pleasant sounds and smile, while the air caresses my face ...
But when I see them I feel that something has changed ...
I would like to hug them, but I can't ..
Here they are, they are so beautiful ...

I look at my sister, a tear falls, I missed them to death.
That mask hides their little faces, they don't stop looking at me.
So I think, how can you give up these little eyes, their sincere hugs?
I hear the little one exclaiming "Aunt, why do I have this in my face?"

I sit next to him, look at him, and I reply that he is beautiful even so ... Satisfied with my answer, he gets up and takes a ball and asks me "Aunt, shall we play?"
My heart explodes, the ingenuity of his smile makes me escape from the chaos of the mind in which I had catapulted myself in recent months without even realizing it.

We will return to hug each other, and it will be even more beautiful, but for now let's enjoy the little things, and communicate through the looks ...

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