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Diary of a quarantine A magical world

A magical world

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Di Aurelia Merola

The excitement spurts from the veins and the euphoria makes room in the big scene of my village.
Smoking chimneys are special effects and the spark of emotions opens the curtain. Very little is missing.
I am about to cross the threshold that marks the border between my home and the surrounding world and, like me, all my fellow villagers.
The darkness has now fallen. The night protects the stars and the bell tower stands triumphant. Silence is the background ... but, at 21:00 we are in a new world, a MAGIC WORLD that goes beyond the bars of the balcony, goes beyond the windowsills, goes beyond the air molecules and daily expectations.


The Italian flags defy the breeze, the voices lower the volume of silence, the colored lights envelop the fluorescent village basking in its mountains: tonight they are less black
The air smells of solidarity, there is union and love. On the other hand, we are all on the same boat, in a stormy sea. Only together can we face this great storm that gives us no respite.
And here's the music. He flattens the walls, hovers over everything and everyone greets his grandparents already in bed, the children in swaddling clothes from sleep and the people at the windows and on the balconies who hurries to greet friends and relatives. The songs dance, take the form of momentary evasions.
And ... those eyes, those shining eyes, of that shine that only hope can give. We are united, we have broken through the walls of resentment, of pride, of 'I know more than you' and 'you have done to me'. We are the same, there is no rich, nor poor, there is no executioner and no victim, only men with their frailties, their pains and their hopes. The children, far from my home, are happy
That waiting time, that absence of vitality that has been burdening for many days, for a short time, has melted into a collective embrace of emotions and purity of mind.

Here there is the #movidasuibalconi social chain that challenges Covid-19 with surprising magic. LONG LIVE ITALY

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