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Diary of a quarantine A new awareness

A new awareness

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Di Esposito Emilia

What will I do tomorrow when the front door can be reopened? How do I think I can help change the world?
I don't understand people who can't stay in quarantine, they constantly want to go out or run away in secret. I learned to live with it immediately, I learned to live with myself and I understood that solitude is inevitable, we are forced to spend most of our existence in the company of ourselves so we just have to make ourselves interesting.

The first thing I will do, all finished, will inevitably be to continue to realize my "I", I will continue to chase my dreams but with some more awareness. Going forward with the blinders is not always good, sometimes we don't realize that we have something else around us, we continue to follow an imaginary path that according to our perception leads us to feel fulfilled but will not make us happy. We leave happiness behind us and we miss her only when she is gone, a bit like in this period in which we appreciate the little things of everyday life that we previously considered futile.

Go to the sea, to hear the voice of its waves, this is the thing that I will do first to make sure that, despite everything, it is still there, that its waves still crash against the rocks, which arrive on the shore and then come back right as always, I want to see it stormy and then calm and then lose myself by navigating with my mind on its surface.

Then I would like to see my friends, hug them, make them understand how much I missed them, I would like to go have a pizza with them and spend whole days together.
But the end of the quarantine will not mean, unfortunately, immediately normalcy so I will learn to adapt to a new lifestyle to which, however, I do not want to get used to and therefore I hope it is not forever.

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