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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Diary of a quarantine A new rebirth

A new rebirth

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Di Rachele Botte

The days pass slowly inside the home walls. Meanwhile, the situation outside of them seems to give some hints of improvement. 'When it will end?' 'When can we go out again?' we ask ourselves many, already wandering with the mind in the places where we would like to be and thinking about what we will do once 'free'.

After this long period of 'forced isolation' everything that until now we considered normality, everyday life, will seem unusual to us. We will look at the world with new eyes, ready to get excited and fight again. We will walk the usual streets, we will walk by the sea, we will go back to go out with our old friends, but we will do it with a new awareness. Every gesture, every moment will be precious. If before, in the chaos of our thoughts and thousands of daily occupations, sometimes even futile, we absentmindedly dedicated a few minutes to affections and above all, to ourselves, from now on, it will no longer be like this. We make ours one of the most important lessons that Covid19 is offering us. Let's stop procrastinating for tomorrow. Do we have a goal? Do we have something to do in mind? Let's seize the moment, let's have courage and let's do it Anything is possible, if we really want it.

In the future, we will think of Coronavirus as a bad memory, a period to be settled in a corner of our mind. Maybe a tear will wet our face and, every now and then, a thought will go to all those who died of this pandemic.
We know, it was hard and still will be, but soon, like flowers in spring, we will be reborn.

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