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News and curiosities from the world A new variant of the virus hits the UK

A new variant of the virus hits the UK

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Press Review from December 14th to December 20th

36 thousand new infections in just 24 hours. A new variant of the virus has just paralyzed the UK forcing it to go into a quick and early Christmas lockdown, starting December 20 with no expiration date yet.

British Health Minister Mart Honcock left a statement on Sky News "It is out of control, we acted decisively and very quickly. Unfortunately, the variant of the virus is out of control. We need to get it under control. "

United States

The distribution of the Moderna vaccine has just begun in the United States, Operation Warp Speed ​​reports, after the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The United States is currently the only one with the possibility of using two different types of vaccine.

For now, the mandatory vaccination has not been imposed, but employers can ask their employees to get vaccinated, thus prohibiting access to work in case of refusal by the employee. A strategic way of inducing the population to undergo the vaccination campaign.


After 108 days of imprisonment, the 18 fishermen kidnapped in Libya returned to the New Port of Mazara del Vallo on board the two fishing boats Antarctica and Medinea.

They left Benghazi at 18am on Friday 60 December and sailed non-stop for more than XNUMX hours. The family and the authorities awaited them on the quay when they arrived.

The Commander of the Medinea fishing boat, Pietro Marrone, denounced the ferocity and brutality with which they were treated during the 108 days of imprisonment.


According to WHO data, the United States is the first country that has recorded the highest number of daily infections, 229.915.

  • According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the Use they are the most affected country in the world with over 17 million and 658 thousand total cases and more than 316 thousand deaths.
  • In second place this week is the Brazil with 69.826 in 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been over 7 million and 213 thousand infections, the third country in the world and second for deaths, 186 thousand.
  • In third place is recorded the Germany: 31.300 new cases. Over 1 million and 508 thousand total cases. 26 thousand deaths.
  • In fourth place rises the UK with 28.507, with data updated to 20 December. The total recorded cases are over 2 million and the deaths more than 67 thousand.
  • In fifth place we find the Russia with 28.209 cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic there are over 2 million and 792 thousand with over 50 thousand deaths.
  • In sixth place we find the Turkey, with 26.410 in 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been over 2 million cases and nearly 18 victims.
  • In seventh place for daily increase is India with 25.152 cases.
  • India it is the second country in the world for the number of total infections, after the USA, and the third for the number of deaths, after the USA and Brazil. In India, the cases are over 10 million and 31 thousand and the victims more than 145 thousand.
  • The eighth country is there France with 15.440. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the total cases are over 2 million and 516 thousand deaths more than 60 thousand.
  • THE Italy drops to ninth place in this week of infections, with 15.401. In Italy, more than 1 million and 938 thousand people have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic and over 68 thousand deaths.
  • The tenth country with the highest number of infections is the Colombia: 12.196. In Colombia the total cases are over 1 million and 496 thousand with 40 thousand infections.


On December 17, the Special Court of Assizes of Paris sentenced the 31-year-old Moroccan Ayoub El Khazzani to life in prison. In 2015 he tried to carry out a massacre on the Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris.

The attack that was organized by the Islamic State, and failed thanks to the intervention of some passengers and a US soldier: Spencer Stone.


On December 17, the congress of deputies approved with 198 votes in favor and 138 against, the law program that recognizes the right to euthanasia for those subjected to severe suffering from very serious diseases.

Patients will have to fill in a double request after 15 days, which will have to be accepted by 2 doctors and submitted for examination by a commission. The project will now pass to the Senate.


On December 17, the governor of Katsina's statute, Aminu Bello Masari, announced the release of 344 students kidnapped last week by a group of bandits.

As reported by the International newspaper, the hostages have been divided into groups and it is still not entirely clear whether the hostages have all been released.

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