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Diary of a quarantine A second chance

A second chance

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By Francesca Imbriaco

The days continue to flow inexorably, without stopping. Staring at the clock, it almost seems that the hours flow differently, in a gentler and slower way. I sit down and I think of this infinite situation, in which you have no chance to do anything but climb up some news on the news to hope for a miracle, that the numbers are falling, that the prospects are the best, to go out on as soon as possible. The quarantine takes on the appearance of a prison, granting only a few glimmers of light, some consolation in this sad present.

The only thought that goes back to the mind, in every second of the day, is freedom, to think that this situation is transitory makes me hope for a future. The day will come when we will be able to go out again, fear will give way to happiness and light-heartedness. This hope is the only lifeline in a now gray world, I try to keep it firmly in mind in order to strengthen it more and more.

I wait for the moment when that front door will open leaving me free from any constraints All those plans and projects, placed in my mind, put on stand-by will start to come back to life The stalemate that we are experiencing has allowed us to appreciate the trifles of life, which are not so insignificant, the possibility of embracing, kissing, talking and being together, therefore from a certain point of view we have been offered a second possibility, we can be reborn from this situation having very clear ideas. So let's open our hearts more but above all our minds, because soon we will be able to return to BETTER living.

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