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Leafing through the New York Times A Houston son whose death moved millions

A Houston son whose death moved millions

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Leafing through the New York Times today Wednesday June 10th.

A Houston son whose death moved millions. At the funeral for Floyd hugs, memories and requests for executionsa. George Floyd is dead, killed by cops in Minneapolis. Thousands of kilometers to the south, in the city where he grew up, two rows of policemen greeted the passage of the coffin. And so also in the church: while relatives and friends were pushing inside the coffin, uniformed policemen raised their hands in respect. After the unrest and violence triggered by his horrendous death, the tone and attitude taken in Houston by demonstrators, activists, politicians and police officers was to honor a son of the city and his family.


  • The Republican party was taken aback by the public's anger over Floyd's assassination. Put on the defensive, the "party of law and order" wobbles. Republican MPs in the face of public support demonstrations to change racism policies in an election year try to unite in a legal response.
  • Trump tries to muddy a 75-year-old demonstrator, injured in Buffalo. Of course, Martin Cousin, still in hospital for head injuries caused by the police, is an activist against climate change, nuclear weapons and police brutality, but he is above all a sports fan, a peaceful man, who has returned. to live in Buffalo to care for his sick mother, but Trump, without having any proof, tries to pass him off as a violent left-wing extremist.  
  • As scandals increase, Brazil's leader alludes to a military coup. The crisis provoked in Brazil by the coronavirus has become so serious that important military figures speak of instability by launching signals of a possible military coup. But the closest collaborators of President Bolsonaro and his family, far from denouncing them, seem to support them.


  • Hunting ban eliminated.  The White House now accepts hunting methods in federal lands in Alaska, such as attracting bears with sweet donuts.
  • New York accuses a policeman. After throwing a woman on the ground, the policeman will be the first on trial in New York for violence.
  • There is no end in sight, Fauci warns. The country's most important expert on the epidemic, dr. Fauci, made a grim report on the devastation caused by the virus in the world.
  • Scarcity of sports equipment. Fitness enthusiasts have resulted in a shortage of gym equipment by having to do their exercises at home.
  • The risks of singing. Some scientists are worried about the reopening of the choirs, which could worsen the spread of the infection.
  • Movements for change. Dance has often mixed with protest movements during recent demonstrations.

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