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Free Thought The Post-Coronavirus

The Post-Coronavirus

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The "post-coronavirus" is likely to be worse than the pandemic, if some news is true about names and characters circulated these days.

One hypothesis is that this was done in order to probe people's possible reactions.
Another hypothesis is that they wanted to frighten the Italians, making the hypothesis of a government even more disastrous than the one in office flash.
It is therefore necessary not to take charge of the news leaked in these days and try to rationally face the problem without getting carried away by the emotionality that in politics is always a bad adviser.

To the Italians it should be clear that among the politicians of our past and our present there are some to whom we can and must be blamed hard for having pushed us into the abyss of the rules that led us to zero growth.
There are, then, others whose fault was that of not having had sufficiently clear ideas on what was happening and of not having them yet on what must be done to get back on top.
Finally, there are others who can be blamed for not having the courage to say their opinions without hesitation or without excessive prudence.

The discourse must be explicit until brutality, because the events that have taken place are all too clear in their crudeness. Just reread even the press headlines of the past years.
Towards the end of the nineties Italy was considered the fourth industrial power in the world and the lira was a currency that instilled fear. Exports were booming in all sectors in which we were engaged and the balance of payments was strongly active. France and Germany were doing badly and were looking for Italian politicians to be seduced to favor their interests.

After joining the Euro (already in itself disastrous due to the change imposed by the Prodi government), the country began to fall into the abyss, never recovering. All the indices had changed for the worse, to the advantage of France and Germany which before the Euro were worse than us (here too, the headlines of the time are clear).
All the so-called "Europeanists" of then and today should give the Italians explanations about their enthusiasm and above all about their current persistence.

Then? There is talk of a new helmsman for the ship "Italy".
If the "navigator" to whom the ship is entrusted (currently piloted in a disordered manner by a Brancaleone Army that would do meritorious work to voluntarily step aside) is on the same line as the political leaders who put us in the hands of the ladies Ursula Von Der Leyen and Christine Lagarde and this to keep quiet from the Italians, for charity of the country) it is good to say immediately: no thanks!

If he were to make (and not for obvious clever calculation) a different and decidedly contrary to the current lines of government of the European Union, then he should be asked to show the cards he thinks he has in his hand. If, in fact, he thought to implement an awakening and redemption program from old "caryatids" well known to the Italians, for their disastrous government past, it would be necessary to say again: Thanks for the nice program but with the indicated team you would not go from Nowhere; so once again: thanks no!

Finally, if he were to say: I will defend the country against those who have torn it to shreds and want to continue to do so with even more brutal means and to do so I will take advantage of a government team in which everyone is clearly and unreservedly oriented in this direction (because nobody has a past of servility to the Union to be forgiven) one could say: thank you yes! but woe, however, to closing your eyes. Attention should sharpen and be aimed at preventing old tools from being embarked, suggested not only by the parties that in Europe have always had a position substantially subordinated to the technocrats of Brussels but also by those who have been opposed to those bureaucrats for nationalistic claims similar to those of the thirties.

Ultimately, for a public health government the distance from any political party should be the absolutely indispensable condition, even if it is an eminently political action to be carried out.
In fact, it is one thing to have a politically clear vision; another thing is to use politics as a trade to make ends meet.
There is a positive note to remember: the media-judicial terror has kept the best gentlemen of this country away from political life.
Calling them, for a limited period, to deal with our disastrous res publica would, in substance, be tantamount to the appeal made to doctors to solve the problems of the pandemic.

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