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Restless heart Always Pentecost

Always Pentecost

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I like how in Holy Scripture we speak of the Holy Spirit: at the moment of creation he hovers over the waters and is the protagonist of the Annunciation. The Holy Spirit gives life and gives a turning point in the life of men. The Acts of the Apostles are imbued with the Holy Spirit. "It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us" (Acts 15,13:XNUMX) is written after the first council, when the course of action with the converted pagans was to be decided.

The Holy Spirit makes it clear to Saint Paul where he should not go and where he must stop. It is the great director who governs the birth of the Church according to the promise of Jesus. Mary is the bride of the Holy Spirit and carries him with her making John the Baptist jump in Elizabeth's womb which in turn is inspired by saying: "Blessed are you among the women and blessed is the fruit of your womb "(Lk 1,42). Mary teaches us to listen to her voice by meditating on events in her heart and the Holy Spirit breaks out in a fiery way while the Apostles are with Mary.

We know that the Holy Spirit is not a divinity in himself but is a divine person in relationship with the Father and the Son. It has its own role. He is the sweet guest of the soul, the one I can listen to in the moment of silent prayer and thanksgiving after Communion. How many mistakes I would have avoided by listening better to the Holy Spirit and how much I have to thank him for the path of my life. The next feast of Pentecost is the time to meditate on these things together with Mary, the great casket of the Holy Spirit.

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