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News preview An alliance against fraud and counterfeiting in the oil supply chain

An alliance against fraud and counterfeiting in the oil supply chain

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National and international press link the idea of ​​Made in Italy oil to the shame of fraud and counterfeiting. A reputation that benefits the other olive-growing nations in the global product market among the healthiest and healthiest fats for food use. The misunderstanding arises from the unawareness that Italy is the nation that has the most control bodies in the world to ensure quality and safety in the food sector for citizens.

THEUniversity of Bari A. Moro, in its role as mediator between the world of production and institutional bodies and incubator of solutions that improve the social and economic sustainability of the territory in which it operates, promotes, Thursday 23 January starting at 9.00 in the Don Tonino Bello Conference Hall (Palazzo Chiaia-Napolitano), the conference "An alliance against fraud and counterfeiting in the oil supply chain".

The initiative takes place at the end of the "EVOO Research's Got Talent 2020", the first international event in which 35 young Italian and foreign under-45 researchers participate, which aims to create a future generation of scientists who, with a multidisciplinary approach, will develop innovations to meet the challenges of the olive oil sector and support stakeholders. From 20 to 22 January, young talents, with expertise on all the scientific aspects related to extra virgin olive oil, met again, always at the University of Bari, to contaminate knowledge and experiences.

The meeting of 23 January is aimed at the various players in the supply chain: olive growers, oil mills and oil industrialists, the world of research and information. The work will open with an overview of the most innovative research ideas illustrated in the previous days by the 35 young talents. Followed by researchers from five national and international research projects that will present the results of their activities, aimed at ensuring the traceability and protection of the consumer from fraud and counterfeiting. The mission of the day is the creation of a constructive dialogue between stakeholders, control bodies and communication experts, so that the protective action, sometimes experienced as harassment by operators, is translated into a competitive tool by generating the message that the olive production chain Italian olive oil is the most controlled and safe in the world and that only for this reason, in the interests of transparency, there are non-conformities that are simply circumvented in other countries.

The work will continue with contributions from the Department of the Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Fraud Repression of Agri-Food Products and the Customs and Monopolies Agency, which will present data and information on preventive and contrast control activities to protect the oil. Made in Italy.

A round table will close the meeting, where journalists, Giancarlo Fiume TGR Puglia chief editor and Alberto Grimelli Teatro Naturale, officials of the control bodies and researchers will discuss in particular how to communicate correctly to consumers, reserving a space dedicated to the debate to satisfy requests for information from operators present in the room and who face the delicate issue of controls on a daily basis. To represent the Region with the greatest olive vocation will be Dr. Adriana Agrimi Area, Digital Transformation, Agency for digital Italy, Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The initiative was organized by the Aldo Moro University of Bari in collaboration with the Department of the Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Fraud Repression of Agri-Food Products - ICQRF Laboratory of Perugia, Svi.Med. onlus (Aristoil project) the Ager projects (Competitive, SOS, Violin) and the Food For Martians Association.

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