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News preview An "Imperial" Prix Italia brings Italian TV back to the world

An “Imperial” Prix Italia brings Italian TV back to the world

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Rome. "Maybe it would have been a good idea to provide maps," was the comment Karina Laterza (pictured), general secretary of the Prix ​​Italia, recognized the difficulty of "navigating" the imposing Roman ruins, site of the annual Rai radio-TV festival, returned this year to Rome after an absence of 26 years.  

In addition to being hindered by a horde of tourists who traditionally invade Rome in September (the summer months are too hot), the participants in the Prix had the arduous task of locating, in addition to the hidden entrance, the various "caves" at the inside the ancient Markets of Trajan, where the works took place. 

prix italy 2019
Karina Laterza Prix Italy 2019

Thanks to ancient Rome, the Prix has once again become the traditional window on the world for the Italian audiovisual sector. A role that had shrunk when the Prix left the Turin office in 2016, to head to the remote island of Lampedusa. The following year he then took place in Milan, while last year he returned to Capri, where the festival had its beginnings in 1948. All these places had not generated the hoped for enthusiasm in the sector operators.

On the other hand, many foreign speakers also returned to Rome, with a record number of 33 international executives, in addition to 60 Italians, for the 11 conferences that took place during the six days of the event, which began on 23 September. The Prix also presented previews and special events, such as the Roberto Morrione Award, in honor of the founder of Rai News 24 (who passed away in 2011). This time in Rome, the Huns, Gauls, Carthaginians and Germans were not invaders, but welcomed guests.

In fact, the theme of this 71st edition of the Prix Italia was "Celebrating cultural diversity in a world of globalized media", and the seminars focused mainly on news, with topics such as "investigative journalism and investigating magistracy". Other topics covered were: "Africa: a growing television system" and "New formats and new challenges". However, little has been said about the "fake news", which was not already known.    

The new Italian television content on display did not seem to live up to those created even a few years ago by Rai (such as during the administration of Antonio Campo Dall'Orto), with titles of the caliber of doctors The brilliant friend, cleverly disseminated internationally by an American-style corporate communication directed by Giovanni Parapini.

On the day of the inauguration of the Prix, the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and the president of Rai were present Marcello Foa, which could often be seen on the festival's refreshment terrace overlooking the Roman ruins, as if to personally see that the event was going smoothly, given that the Prix is ​​organized by the RAI presidency office. 

During his opening remarks, Foa stressed that "we have a duty to defend public TV ... with the advance of the Over-the-Top". Apparently, in one way or another, Rome continues to have to defend itself against the invaders. The event ended with 12 programs awarded out of 273 in competition, which had been presented by 65 broadcasters from 37 countries. The long list of winners is on the site: www.rai.it/prixitalia/

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