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The black sheep Rome: Antica Caciara Trasteverina

Rome: Antica Caciara Trasteverina

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Viale Trastevere it is the artery that divides the left bank and the right bank of the homonymous district which is one of the oldest in the city. L'Ancient Caciara it is among the historical shops on the right side and, in addition to being the favorite cheese shop (and not only) of gluttonous residents, it is a destination for tourist incursions between the Roman stages of archaeological excavations, museums, monuments symbol of the history of classical culture, which have the visit to this shop, which is the subject of in-depth analyzes by numerous newspapers and foreign tourist guides (just for the benefit of passionate tourists, small cheese tastings are organized on site)

Ancient Caciara Trasteverina
Ancient Caciara Trasteverina

The known selection of pecorino cheese high quality with intense aromas, of the freshest ricotta cheese that caresses the palate like a delicate lace, as well as grated ricotta are produced by a loyal supplier who has been supplying the shop for years.

Crossing the entrance threshold, in the large and tidy space you are attracted by some forms of pecorino with fragrant hints that act as an anteroom to the nice counter where, in order, cheese and cold cuts stand out, chosen with extreme care by the Polica family.

Antica Caciara Trasteverina: the products

Provoloni, mozzarella, fresh and seasoned tome and parmesan, they steal the show with bacon, coral, hams, sausages, mortadella coming from producers of territories known for their excellence. In the indecision in front of so much perfume and shapes, a taste and a detailed description of the products help to resolve the dilemma between choosing one product and another. Difficult to enter to buy the fragrant loaf to put on the table and not be enchanted by other products that with perfumes, colors and stories of producers, processing methods and winning combinations, end up in the shopping basket to cheer up the home tables.

Un stuffed sandwich at the moment it is the lunch break or snack which will bring you a pleasant memory when you return home. The gastronomic delights do not spare pantry products such as tuna, olives, condiments, pastas, oil, oil, salt cod, preserved legumes.

Ancient Caciara Via San Francesco a Ripa, 140 a / b - Trastevere, Rome
Telephone 06/5812815

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