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The black sheep Rome: Antica Norcineria Viola, from 1890

Rome: Antica Norcineria Viola, from 1890

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The age-old beauty of Campo dei Fiori square manages to maintain its charm despite the ever-increasing advent of commercial realities that have little to do with traditional activities that, over the centuries, have met the needs of the residents and attracted thousands of tourists, kidnapped by tales of artisan shops , scalchi, butchers, pizzerias, ovens, market stalls full of peasant products from the Lazio countryside, gastronomic specialties and colorful vases of fresh flowers in multiple colors.

A reality that despite its smaller size, had nothing to envy to the historic Parisian reality of Les Halles, made famous by the detailed stories of Emile Zolà in the opera "The belly of Paris". This "belly of Rome" still lives thanks to some realities such asAncient Purple Norcineria that for generations, with pride and great determination, has offered excellent quality products, prepared in the laboratories of Norcia in compliance with the teachings of the ancestors who made the pork butchery art famous.

Ancient Purple Norcineria
Rome: Ancient Viola Norcineria

Un purple pigletneedless to say, it is the nice company symbol clearly visible on the windows that invites you to enter, where the spicy scents of salami and seasonings were not enough to attract the passerby. Crossing the threshold, the gaze is lost chasing the dozens of products displayed and hung everywhere in the shop.

Ancient Purple Norcineria: products

The staff, with sympathy and cordiality not in manner, invite the customer and the historical client to repeated tastings ranging from pillow and coral, Ham, mortadella (one above all the one with the Norcia truffle) e mortandella, liver salami flavored with orange that conquers even the most skeptical palate, head cup, spicy salami e seasoned sausages.

And if the numerous norcine and Lazio varieties were not enough, the counter also offers products supplied by national companies selected ad hoc such as:culatello, speck, bresaola, 'nduja, pastrami etc.

Rome: Ancient Viola Norcineria
Rome: Ancient Viola Norcineria

Do not miss a fine selection of fresh meat, both in classic cuts and in ready-to-cook preparations and some cheeses from the Umbria and Lazio regions. Difficult to go out empty-handed as difficult not to go back, if only to be told the family stories and the norcina tradition that the owners are ready to disclose with transport and pride.

Closed on Sunday

Antica Viola Norcineria, quality and tradition since 1890.
Piazza di Campo de 'Fiori, 43 - Rome - Telephone 06/68806114

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